This is how you waste time!

Glad you guys are having a fun time clowning around instead of actually fixing your program and coding

Also a side note… you guys should stop fucking around designing graphics for the website when their are a lot more important things to be fixed, the community i am involved in has done a lot more work then the fivereborn developers in just over a month or 2, and you guys seriously need to pull your finger out and fix your shit because at the moment FiveReborn if a fucking disgrace… Fix it or gtfo and hand it over to people who know what their doing… Peace

Ban me if you want, just makes you guys look bad :slight_smile:

It’s still a Great mod. So how about you respect the community?

i agree im with steampunk on this

@RangerScope I respect it alot, and its a great mod! No! your right… it is a great mod for sure, Just the coders don’t know what their doing… but at this point the developers are putting in next to no effort to put work into this mod… They should be prioritizing the coding and program, THAT is what needs to be done. But after a long time waiting… Nothing…

@Steampunk Sorry , know i understand you. this modification was up for 2 months i believe and not a lot of progress has changed. although the overall aspect of it has a lot of potential. they need to get together and develop properly. not to mention have respect for their members.

@RangerScope This mod has a great amount of potential… In the right hands ofcourse, now i could specify this further but i won’t because the admins will come into this topic and post the usual “We already have information about this sort of topic which you can refer too” They are currently quite hopeless in the aspect of coding FiveReborn. And i believe they don’t see what future could be held for this mod… Although it could, if in the right hands

@Steampunk True.

@shiro Vacation or not… A mod as important as FiveReborn should never be placed into the wrong hands which is exactly where it is right now, i mean no disrespect to the FiveReborn developers, and i congratulate them on actually being able to make this mod! but… all in all the amount of stupidity in these coders is ridiculous, and to waste time trolling their users!? and making adjustments to the website which currently isnt needed right now although it could be for advertisement… Not needed right now, the main priority is ofcourse FiveReborn… I will enforce this same sentence structure until something is done about development because the FiveReborn development team clearly needs help and it appears no one is pitching in to help.

You mean no disrespect yet you call their work a fucking disgrace, how about you learn some manners first?

@afterburn If you haven’t noticed but i am one of the few people who have actually tried to try and help with development of FiveReborn but thats not gonna happen if no one enforces anything!

@shiro Okay, thanks for the reply shiro but is their anything to do to get around this and improve on the development of FiveReborn?

@Steampunk And you think making a useless thread about it gonna help anything, if you actually wanna help then do something useful.

@afterburn Your posts are irrelevant to the discussion and you arn’t helping

@shiro Also Shiro, if yous do need help coding we have an amazing coder within our community who actually knows how to code so if yous do need help dont be afraid to ask… And help within the development of FiveReborn would be great

@Steampunk It’s funny you should say that, you must apparantly think this thread somehow IS helping then. Alright my bad go on with your useless and rude thread. I’ll take my lesson from the title you chose for this thread and not waste any more of my time on you.

@afterburn Thanks and good bye :slight_smile:

@shiro Okay sorry, misunderstanding

@jwbjnwolf point taken, but all im saying is that FiveReborn is just what needs to be focused on currently