There's really no FiveM server that actually is an RP server

I’ve been to almost over 20 FiveM servers as a whole, and I feel every fiveM server i’ve been to, there has just not been ANY rp at all, and here is why.

Everytime when I enter a city, people want to act tough, be a criminal, shoot up shit, and treat it lika gta online, it gets very boring fast, and its never fun to see people just mess around and rob other people 24/7.

There’s a weird superiority complex with certain staffs in servers where they always act high and mighty, and they have the final word, and they are always abusing their powers, which makes the server overall just meh.

RP never really exists in any server to be honest, everyone just wants to go around and be a criminal, and when they aren’t a criminal, then they are a police with a big ego that needs to throw the cuffs on everyone.

Like I really feel every FiveM server is just…trash, and doesn’t really bring the RP and the nice community.


Cool. No one cares. Coming here to complain doesn’t make you look any better. Your very high standards mean nothing to anyone else.


Okay? You realise FiveM isn’t created exclusively for RP. So this comment is meaningless here.


Go find a community that fits for you. You will find it eventually. Also many servers are open for suggestions, so you can go there and discuss with them about rule changes or that stuff.


Did I do this to make myself look better?..weird logic.

I have done this, but the staff acts like their rules are their rules, and nothing should be changed, that’s not a chance of a growing community, that’s a deadbeat community.

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but they host the platform for these servers, same with GMOD, so yes, it does apply on here aswell.

Also, judging from ur post history, you clearly just have a snarky attitude and a pissy answer for everything, typical, a full attitude and an empty profile.

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You haven’t found the right server yet… FiveM is full of a lot of junk servers, find something that’s more community driven, really read about what places are about.

Lmao, literally came here to complain that servers don’t meet your high standards and then you start being hypocritical. Funniest thing ever.


So let me get this straight, you join 20 out of 10000’s of servers and complaining because most of the public non whitelist ones you were on are not true RP? Have you even been on a whitelisted only server? Im just curious because ive personally been on quite a few whitelisted servers that are very enjoyable and enforce the rules. Calm down keyboard warrior and find a whitelisted server that actually plays by the rules and you might actually have a good time instead of coming here to complain…


Consider looking into whitelisted servers

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Yeah… can only really suggest whitelisted servers if you’re after quality Roleplay. It requires effort, but is definitely worth it in the end.

Have you considered nopixel’s public server? It’s a pretty good RP server and it’s very popular at the moment. Might catch a few popular streamers in there.

Try SolFire. It’s heavy RP. The owner can be a bit of a heavy-handed tool but, I can also be a bit of an asshat. All in all, it’s a decent server.

You should take a look : WikiHow
Besides, don’t you want to create a server that will have your expectations?

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If you don’t like the servers that are available to you, you can always learn to make the server you want. Coming on here and complaining does noting for the meta. If you want it to change, you have the right to initiate the change.

i would say apply for a whitelisted server

you can apply at my server we are a rp no esx or vrp just senerio based server

Applying to whitelisted servers through discord is probably your best bet.

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