Theme Park [WIP]

Can’t wait for this, I really want to use this for an event on my server.

mega idea continues so I’m curious

This looks awesome. Any update?

Cannot wait to check it out

Is the project RIP?

No, we still working on it, now its on rewriting process because of synchronization on infinity.

Can’t wait to see it, I don’t even want a full theme park, just the default rides working lol. Are they going to be synced server side? I asked because I know the Neons script is client side, so it looks funny on the other peoples view of it.

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Attracitons gonna be synchronized between server and client, neons is synced too, other players see neons animations.

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Damn this looks cool. How long do you think you guys have left on this project would be cool to see.

Hello, its big project, now we work on another attractions, we completly rebuilding Del Perro Pier
for our park.


Sounds amazing, hope it’s going well this project looks sick.

this is incredible when is it gonna be released.

I believe it’s discontinued