Theme Park [WIP]

Hello, its big project, now we work on another attractions, we completly rebuilding Del Perro Pier
for our park.


Sounds amazing, hope it’s going well this project looks sick.

this is incredible when is it gonna be released.

I believe it’s discontinued

i hope not this would’ve been epic

where can i find this script?


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So sad this is discontinued. It looks to be the closest any has come to making a fully fledged pier theme park/attraction zone :cry:

I figured this would be a major task, seems it got close but maybe the passion went with it or there were too many things to sort for it to work as intended.

Hello, this project is not discounted.

We still working on it, it’s a lot of work.

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can we get a sneak peek at the new staff?

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Yesss! I thought it was gone. Will this resource be free or paid when released?

It will be payed.

Hello everyone,

in the coming months we plan to release our theme park, which will have more than 12 attractions.

For now you can take a look at our water park that we have released,

Water Park

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Whatever came of the theme park?

in the coming days

You can look forward to the release of our Theme Park soon.

The premiere of the video and the release of Theme Park will be on 04.06.2023 at 21:00 (CET).

Hey, I’m super stoked for the premiere of Theme Park! Theme parks are my jam, and this sounds like an epic addition. To answer the previous question, I recently visited one of the best thrill parks in the US, and it was a blast!