The Wolf's Den RP Now hiring Police

Come on down . We’d love to make you sheriff… sheriff can come in and crack a whip at all these crims laying back, taking it easy. Show em what fer… show em “nobody gets away with crime in my county”

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Our newspaper Edited by Miss Ophelia Cross. My personal favorite column is Ask Miss Sarah

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This event is absolutely epic. 1V1 unarmed combat while aboard a moving train! For this tournament bracket, participants spar on a flatcar while spectators look on. Prizes for first, second, and third place. It’s a night you won’t forget, so don’t miss the train!

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Warnin to all citizens of this here county:

Expect snow, and plenty of it. Miz Eddies’ lumbego be actin up, as is Mr O’connelly’s knees. If’in that aint a sure sign of snow, the varmints be actin like the end of the worlds comin. Storin and hoardin vittles. An Mama Bear is right sore so many of us makin use of her bed.

Misses E and Vi been saying as soon as the snow starts them’ll get the fire logs out so there’s spots to warms up at. An we all knows hows Mis E likes to gads up the county with “dacour” so I specs there’ll be plenty of that showin up as well. We just got rid of them damn pumpkins now she’ll have us all drippin in candy canes, and gingerbread.

Miz Vi even said their’d be some kinda contest with presents, but she won’t spill what them there prizes might be. I’m personally hopin for whisky…

Now Hiring for the position of Sheriff

The town of Blackwater is taking applications for the position of sheriff.

Should have a good working knowledge of the law.
An active sense of social and moral decency
Proficient in the use of Horses, Lassos, and Firearms.

Benefits include:
Horse allowance
Equipment allowance
Room and Board Provided.

We are looking for a ‘small town’ sheriff.

This is a unique experience for the right individual, to become a leader in county in this community. And be able to control your own RP job.

The Sheriff, in our county, runs his department as he sees fit, inside a wide set of parameters. (we have 2 parameters)
They have influence over the laws and penalties of the county
Sheriff’s decide the load out given to new hires, as well as the Horse allowance each deputy is given when hired on.

The Sheriff will be responsible for hiring and training of new deputies. As well as running the department, and communicating with the govt on Issues that arise, and the needs of his department.

OOC requirements
First and foremost we’re looking for someone who Wants to be the Sheriff.

They should have time to be in the county. Our prime time currently is between the hours of 9pm east and 2am est.

They have a good working knowledge of Video game RP Law, if not experience.

Team building skills, making the department the bad-est gang on the server.

Must be able to Rp within the rules.

If interested Join our discord, link below, and open up a ticket. As well as having joined our server and made your Character.

As seen in the Saint Denis Tribune!

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Stolen trains are the most fun

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Blackwater all done up for Christmas
The Wolf’s Den RP | Tour of the Xmas Lights in Blackwater - YouTube

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An anonymous gift hunter reports stumbling across locked stashes as well. If you’re of the criminal persuasion, perhaps bring along some lockpicks for bonus loot!

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This saucy Canada Goose was nibbling on the Christmas tinsel. He spit it out when Charlotte said she hoped he didn’t get sick from it. How unusual!

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Alright, they may have been just getting out of church, but they were definitely eyeballing Charlotte. Should we be concerned the locals are congregating in such a manner?

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for all your yule log burning needs.

A rash of bank and store robberies, almost $1800 in cash stolen!