The Wolf's Den RP Now hiring Police

Tired of outrageous economies? Of servers that don’t offer enough, or are not ready for players but are open anyway? Tired of Staff that doesn’t play by their own rules?
Come visit us at the Wolf’s Den.

Watch our trailer at:

The Wolf’s Den Roleplay - Welcome to our community - YouTube

We offer:

Active Staff/ Devs

Balanced economy Semi realistic to the time period

Player owned and Active Businesses, (horsetrainers, saloons, gunsmiths, trains, general stores, Store fronts to promote

your business idea.) Newspaper and Pinboard to help spread the word about your business. Custom scripts used to make your RP more.

Weekly Events, including the fight nights, gun duels, but also including purge nights, zombie attacks, beach parties, treasure hunts, raid the convoys and trains.

Extensive Criminal World, including drugs, moonshine, illegal business allowed, Bank and Store Robberies, Forts have scenarios in them. nothing locked behind an application.

Hotels, Housing, Camps/ clans.

Native culture encouraged, items crafted just by natives, Feathers, usable Tipi’s, enable tribes to use their reservations, combined with native societies and the camp script to create a reservation that will work for them.

Crafting for everyone, custom items for businesses, including designer drugs

Custom ymaps, both original and purchased

Plenty of activities:

Legendary Hunts

Boats with storage, and boat delivery missions

Mexico is usable.

Guarma has rum, craft rum for your saloons yourself. Treasure hunt style mission.


Pet Birds and Pet Dogs


Traveling Music man

New Metabolism script

Doctor RP on the next level, our docs aren’t just for picking up folks when down. Those that don’t bath can become ill, and will need one of our docs help to get well. Custom drugs for their use. And a medical Journal with all info needed about cures and drugs at their disposal.

Discord: The Wolf's Den


Trailer at:
The Wolf’s Den Roleplay - Welcome to our community - YouTube


Take this as you like. I’m a head admin here but, like the owner, i’ve played mutiple different servers run by cliques, or just bad people who don’t follow thier own rules, don’t own up when they get caugth( i got reported and i messe dup and owned up after)I can say as a FACT there is NO server liek ours… they either don’t have all we have… have nothing… or thier serve ris so overpopulated you either get lost in the scuffle, no RP, or just get this mess that you have to que in onyl to be kicked rigth afte ryou join from the restart or an unoptimized server. We got tired of beign ignored and stepped on and made a plce that is crafted by 80% the players and 20% us. we ACTUALLY listen and shift thigns aCCORDINGLY as much as we can. our pop is low but attendence breeds attendence. numbers breed numbers. Come and join our discord and see what we are about.


This is my third server, this place is one of the best environments ive had the privelidge of playing in. Devs are always present to be helpful, the community is very dedicate to making sure everyone is happy with the way the server is run. Great people, Great RP, AMAZING EVENTS and just an overall good sense of community. Come join in and be the best cowpoke you can be!!!


Love the server lots of fun and lots of secrets to find. Some of the best RP and fun I’ve had!


Mizzzchief puts so much love and care into this server I would assume its like her own child. I myself have put so many hours and have had so many amazing memories with so amazing role players. Even if police RP is not your jam I would highly recommend this as your RP home!


Come join the fun


This is an awesome place to be at Mischief had done an amazing job with this server to keep thing balanced. Dont have alot of lag or headpop here the Devs are great the people are great and the event that come will keep you satisfied im happy to be here.


Reasons you need to move to this County:

:ballot_box_with_check: You are a gamer looking for a new level of play

:ballot_box_with_check: You are a storyteller seeking a new medium

:ballot_box_with_check: You dream of a life in the wild west circa 1901

:ballot_box_with_check: You want to make new and interesting friends

:ballot_box_with_check: All of the above

Wolf’s Den offers a near-authentic period experience in the world of Red Dead Redemption 2. There are plenty of opportunities for you to develop your character(s) however you like; be it as a law-abiding citizen, a rotten scumbag, or something in the middle. The community is incredibly supportive and staff are highly responsive to ideas and suggestions.

Drop-in and say, “Hi,” to our very interesting current residents. Before long, you’ll want to call this place home too.

See you in County soon!



Drunken foot races though the maze, Halloween Treats, Pirates Grog, and other surprises.


We started with a custom haybale maze, turned into a murder mystery, and were attacked by zombies,
The survivors made it to Ft Wallace


Honestly one of the most amazing RP Servers i have ever been in they genuinely care and listen to there community, some of the dopest events i have taken part of in this server its amazing for vet, and new roleplayers alike active gangs and deputies whats not to love!!! why havent you joined already!!! join the wolves den today!


The murderer got away with it for now. They’ll get what’s comin to them they needn’t worry about it. Them Zobies just don’t know when to stay down but we showed em what for. This server continues to grow and we want you to join us. We understand joinign a new server is hard, ESPEICALLY if you are leavign another. Here you will have a welcoming community no matter who you are. Do you like playing Cops? Join us. we love our criminals buit they can;t be criminals without cops. come on down to our discord and check us out.


Cleaving zombie skulls is never not a blast. Ol’ Mr. Red got his fill of kill. Blue and i almost made it home, until i misfired with an arrow i strapped some dynamite to… Wolf’s den has always been home. Great stories told, and more to be written.


The zombie hunt continued after our main attraction.


Fireworks Display as seen from Riggs Station

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Poor Service, Cute Bartenders, 12/10 Would Visit Again

Just some photos from this amazing county

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Good Day to you all,
I figure a few of you may be watching this post, thinking what is this place doing. We are inviting you in, offering you a glimpse of how our server operates, what’s in our server and how much effort we put in to our server. We don’t half do anything. If we decide to do something we go all in.

Our residents can tell you, when they’ve had suggestions, they are listened to, and most are implemented if the Community decides its something they like. Votes on issues happen on a frequent basis. Rules have been changed because the Community said this doesn’t work for us.

And this happens because we are building a Community, not filling a server.

Though we do have a complete server, we are still upgrading, and adding new things.
In the near future we are working on:
A Photo Contest (which you will all get to see, it’s happening here)
A ride out/ camping trip.
Two new Scripts are dropping in the next couple of weeks. along with events to announce their start.
and our Thanksgiving Event. is a cooking contest. Residents are able to request a recipe and we’re going to judge them and sample all the entries at a potluck/ picnic. The prize for this is going to be one of the hardest to come by items in our server. In fact you can only win these items. And each contestant also gets to keep their recipe that only that character can make.

As you can see, we are actively building this community. If you want to be part of a place like that, come join our discord.

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