The Wire RP Remastered ! NOW BACK !!!

Make sure to join The Wire Rp Remastered the city which is known for politics :newspaper:

:building_construction: Working on a Esx framework
:red_car: 250 Fully Customizable Vehicles
:womans_clothes: Excellent Selection of Clothing for Male and Female Characters
:cityscape: Own Every Building in the City with Interiors and Decorate with Our Housing Script :house_with_garden:
:office: Custom Player-Owned Businesses, from Restaurants to Ammunition to Clubs and many more More! :convenience_store:
Best phone script that allows you to FaceTime and go on instagram live🀳
:truck: 9-5 jobs: you can work at places such as delivery driving, cleaning windows, chopping up wood and many more
:art: being able to customize your own character to your abilities
You can input your own chain and clothing as well :man_artist:
:gun: Custom Weapons that Will Blow Your Mind :boom:
:eyes: Best-Looking HUD You’ll Ever Find, Verified Fact! :100:
:red_car: Advanced Vehicle Script: Engine & Transmission Swaps, Inspections, Maintenance, Custom Exhaust Sounds, Tuning, NOS, Custom Wraps, Air Suspension, Custom Car Radio with YouTube Links, and Traction Control Control :wink:
:star2: Unique One-of-One Vehicles
:framed_picture: Realistic Graphics, Building, and Drivingβ€”See It to Believe It!
:herb: State-of-the-Art Drug System: Own Labs, Money Laundering, and More!
Good government jobs such as being an EMS saving people :ambulance: and also being a police officer saving the city from criminal activities :oncoming_police_car:
Car boosting so you are to steal vehicles and continue to increase in tiers as you progress.
:rofl: 1200+ Custom Emotes for Maximum Fun :joy:
Make sure you fly in to The Wire Rp Remastered home of the politics and drugs and come rp with your friends :pill::syringe: