The Switch 2.0 Hydraulics UI Script QBCORE / ESX

:video_game: The Switch 2.0 for Qbcore​:video_game:


[VIDEO 2.0 ](Looks Like The Picture)



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"Enhance your FiveM server with ‘The Switch 2.0,’ a script that introduces a variety of interactive vehicle features and a unique shopping experience with our friendly NPC, Jorge!

Jorge has crafted something wonderful for you. With his new UI and more resources, ‘The Switch 2.0’ offers a fresh and improved look and feel. Upgrade your server today with ‘The Switch 2.0’ and experience a new level of immersive gameplay!"

:red_car: Features :red_car:

  • Updated UI: Jorge Used His Tax Returns On Upgrades.

  • Hydraulics: Enable your vehicles to bounce and dance.

  • Jumping: Leap over obstacles or simply enjoy a bouncy ride.

  • Adjustable Suspension: Customize your ride’s height on the go.

  • Interactive Shopping: Engage with Jorge to buy a switch and enjoy the features.

  • Customizable Configurations: Tailor the script settings to fit your server’s needs.

:rocket: Getting Started :rocket:


  • A functioning FiveM server.

  • QBCore and qb-target resources installed and configured.


  1. Download “The Switch 2.0” and place it in your resources directory.

  2. Add start the-switch 2.0 to your server.cfg.

  3. Modify the settings in config.lua to suit your server.

  4. Restart your server and enjoy the new interactive vehicle features!

:hammer_and_wrench: Configuration :hammer_and_wrench:

Ped Configuration

  • Model: Set the model of the ped, Jorge.

  • Position: Define the XYZH coordinates for Jorge.

  • Invincible: Determine whether Jorge can take damage.

  • BlockEvents: Decide if Jorge should ignore external events.

  • Freeze: Decide if Jorge should be frozen in place.

Shop Configuration

  • ItemName: Define the name of the item to be purchased.

  • Price: Set the price of the item.

:video_game: Usage :video_game:

  • Walk up to Jorge and interact to open the shop UI.

  • Purchase a switch and explore various vehicle features through the UI.

  • Utilize the vehicle features to enhance your roleplay and gameplay experience.

:star2: Access to My Creations :star2:

:globe_with_meridians: About Us :globe_with_meridians:

  • The most popular maps on your FiveM Roleplay server.

:man_office_worker: Team :man_office_worker:

  • Editor: Hollywoodiownu (@larygarymods)


“The Switch 2.0” is an unofficial modification for FiveM, not affiliated with Rockstar Games. Use it responsibly within the game’s rules and regulations. The creators of “The Switch 2.0” are not responsible for in-game consequences or misuse. Embrace the immersive experience of “The Switch 2.0 ,” but remember to exercise caution in the virtual world! :star2::video_game::rainbow:

Packages delivered using FiveM asset escrow


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Now working with ESX please look for the ESX release in a few secs

all i can say is keep up the unique work #TRENDSETTER


Bruh! Thank you for this post! Warms my heart :heart:

thank you for the script keep setting trends bro


this upgrade from the last switch is legendary!!! whens the tuner script coming out? we are all waiting!!!

idk I updated it
You can still buy it from my tebex.


any update? =(

Can you make it to where the sound of the switch registers to real hydraulic sounds, cool script btw been looking for something like this,

Edit: pair with this script n ur golden

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i have this release, and it does make realistic sounds ALREADY. confirmed!!! =) you prob just didnt know that bc of the music in the video, and you havent bought the release yet. all bases covered dont worry! plus that YT video you shared was posted march 6th… months and months after this release. that person ^ was prob was just someone trying to figure out how to make a copy of this release. =) whats their cfx page?

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