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Helping Menu

Helping menu is a script that allows your players to get to know your server a little better. You can insert anything you want in the menu to help your players or even advise them.

Escrowed Version

Open source Version


  • Change the open key menu.
  • All is configurable in the config.js
  • Changing all of the color in the style.css


Do you want to see a video of this asset? Click here !


Other release

The-Programmer’s Valet Robbery
The-Programmer’s Investment AFK
The-Programmer’s Rental
The-Programmer’s Helping Menu
The-Programmer’s Sick Notify

Code is accessible Source and escrowed
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 230
Requirements QBCore or ESX
Support Ye
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This is no tebex??

What do you mean?

It is tebex, check the page source and the footer urls.
Also nice release thanks!

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Ahh my bad sorry

Thanks you too!

No worries aha

Hi ! Nice release thank you ! Can we see the config ? Can we change the number of blocks ? And Icon ? Thank you !

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Hello, thanks you! Yes you can change what ever you want in the config file