The OneSync EAP and you

Exactly what it says…manually granted access to the OneSync EAP.

Been testing OneSync in a LIVE environment the lastest days. Everything is pretty good.
Our only serious problem so far, is that people randomly disconnect from Mumble voice-chat. (here would a reconnect feature be cool)

I do though understand the importance in fixing shit, before just adding a retry connect feature.
I’ve tried to submit info on this in #onesync on Discord.

Do you have any voice distance change script? Like whisper etc? I noticed that that breaks voice, also if you loose voice, go into settings and then voice settings and turn it off and on again and it should start working again :slightly_smiling_face:
Works on our server :slightly_smiling_face:

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By ‘breaks’ you mean actually disconnect users from Mumble?

We do use: NetworkSetTalkerProximity(distance float)

Here is also a silly workaround for the facial speaking animation which is not currently synchronized on onesync

    RequestAnimDict("[email protected][email protected]@normal")

    local talkingPlayers = {}
    while true do

        for k,v in pairs(GetPlayers()) do
            local boolTalking = NetworkIsPlayerTalking(v)
            if v ~= PlayerId() then
                if boolTalking and not talkingPlayers[v] then
                    PlayFacialAnim(GetPlayerPed(v), "mic_chatter", "mp_facial")
                    talkingPlayers[v] = true
                elseif not boolTalking and talkingPlayers[v] then
                    PlayFacialAnim(GetPlayerPed(v), "mood_normal_1", "[email protected][email protected]@normal")
                    talkingPlayers[v] = nil

Yes you can set it, but not change it during runtime, ye ours did the same as for you. I can show you what we have to make it work by not beeing global but not breaking when I’m home

We have been using OneSync for a while now, it is quite stable but the server crashes from time to time. It kind of feels like about 60 players is the limit, but it has also crashed with about 50 People online. Another big problem ist the voice chat, if it works, it sounds great but when it isn’t working people sound like they’re talking into a toaster. They then need to deactivate their voice chat, close the menu and activate it again, then they sound normal. I haven’t been experiencing disconnects from the voice chat like @gEE so i can’t say anything to that problem.

We won’t magically know what ‘crashes’ are, provide actual dumps.

Please do.
If your on the Discord I am Gee#1337 there :blush:

I added you, i send you a compy of our esx_voice that has been working perfectly for us, it’s nothing special, just took out the voice control, so you could only have one distance the default one. If you change voice distance during runtime voice breaks for everyone for us

esx is badly optimized for onesync
and esx_voice is not compatible with the new voip

you should fix it yourself or move to another framework

Ye, but our server runs fine with esx, actually no issues at all regarding esx. Yes esx_voice dosent working out of the box properly, what I was saying is that I was going to show him how we fixed our esx_voice to work with OneSync in our server. Yes we can’t change to shout or whisper etc but everything else in it works. It’s probebly easy to make shout and that to work, but we haven’t bothered with it

I love drift

We reach 64 players but the server crashes without errors is this cause OneSync and can we fix it maybe

This could potentially be an issue with one of your resources. Have you tried with a ‘vanilla’ server, using the resources on the GitHub repository, then slowly add your custom resources and see if the problem persists. This may be an ineffective method so maybe start a few more than just one resource at a time. Also, make sure you’re on the latest server version.

Okay I will Try it. We can play normally but sometimes its just crash

Make sure you’re also on the latest server artifcat version.

Okay, thx i will try it

? what do you mean