The Inferno City - [ True Economy ]|[ Professional Dev ]|[ Business RP ]

The action never stops in the Inferno City. Our city is, quite literally, on fire.

Check out this screenshot of Sheriff Grimes responding to a vehicle collision of a Vehicle vs. Gas Pump


this city is hype we should all be getting on at some point and you should join us we’re all pretty cool people

Sessions are becoming a regular experience! We have sheriff’s deputies and crims on every single day. Lots of things to do, businesses that won’t run themselves and crimes to commit. Let’s go!

Troopers will be out and about watching for you CRIMINALS!

Another successful night!

We have a new gang being established, and we hit a record of 16 consecutive players last night!

Blueweb, our custom, homemade police MDT system is finished and will be releasing to the public soon.

had a fun choas event in the city the other night. Was awesome! Come check it out for sure!

Come buy a drink at the Vanilla Unicorn from Pinky; he needs the job security!

We’ve got cops and EMS online, and a nightclub waiting for you!

The Inferno City is growing, come check out what we’re all about.

hey guys this server is going places you all really need to join

lots of fun had here recently got some new custom scripts come on in and check it out there are still a couple ownerships to be had but filling quick!

We’re hosting our first EMT trainings, Sheriff’s Academy and having a Destruction Derby event this weekend! No better time than the present to join.

Businesses are going quick, and our Economy/Business updates are about to go live within the month. Time’s wasting!

got a lot of people in the city currently come meet some new friends or find some new enemies, one way or another come get it done!

my fave thing to do is be deving cars and a ferret is all over my desk driving me crazy!

I’ve been having a great time on the server so far, lots of great features, welcoming staff, and unlimited potential. Very excited for the future!

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Our major Economic Update which overhauls the entire economy and installs a custom method of handling QBCore’s item system is underway! You’ve never seen an economy like this on any other roleplay server.

Major things are happening. We just added two new gangs, a new combined mechanic/tow business and the population grows every day.

We’re on the up and up! 10+ players for the last 3 days, with 13 currently connected.

We want to extend a warm welcome to our newest business, and our newest three gangs:

  • King’s Customs in Northeast Vinewood; Towing & Mechanic
  • The Lost MC, HQ’d in Vinewood
  • Vagos, HQ’d in Davis
  • LS-XIII, HQ’d in Alta.

Applications for Law Enforcement, Fire & EMS are still open.

record numbers in today. i think we have gang slots full. still need cops and ems. get on in here!

Auto Racing Event Tonight!

To celebrate yet another, custom home made script, we are hosting two auto racing events tonight. The next race is in 3 hours! Join now!

success every where this city is really doing things!