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The Gunslingers Roleplay

Hello! The Gunslingers RP is a smaller community, looking to expand!
I’m a firm believer that RP should be a way to get away from life stresses and bullshit. A place where you can hop on your computer, and just forget about all of the bullshit life throws at you. Be someone else for a while. Check out of reality and engulf yourself within your own masterpiece.


Come on in and help us build a county! This is your opportunity to help mold the story of an entire county!

  • Player Run Economy: Yep, that’s right! And it’s a realistic economy per 1900! No more of that $1,000 to get a horse trained bullshit!

  • Community: TGRP is not just a RedM server. We pride ourselves on making sure we all genuinely get along out of character. We value each other’s opinions, and always focus on helping one another when needed. Movie nights, other game nights, whatever! We just like to hang out! Now, our characters might not agree with that, but that’s the fun of rp!

  • Custom YMapping: Always wanted your dream business but couldn’t ever find a YMap for it? No worries! TGRP does every YMap in the server custom!

  • Custom Icons: Every single icon in the server is made custom for the server. This means your business icons get to have the name and/or logo of your characters business! Custom gifts, etc.!

  • Scripts: We are very particular about scripts here, to the point of having them custom made so that we can get exactly what we want for the server! Immersion is key, but we don’t want it to feel like a job. Just have fun and enjoy what we have to offer!

  • Animal Peds: We have introduced a new way of RP to fully immerse your character with their pets, and the wild animals throughout the county! Come check it out.

  • Horses: Custom coats, fully immersive training and interactions, stable chores!, horse breeding, and more! We have the most immersive horse stable script you’re going to find in RedM!

  • Crime: BRING ON THE GANGS!! Or not! Gangs are absolutely welcomed, but you don’t have to be part of one to enjoy the criminal lifestyle! We have an entirely new approach to how drugs and etc. get discovered and dispersed! Fully immersive, solo or as a gang! Dig around and maybe you’ll be the one to run the market…

  • D.O.J.: Once the server has the population to allow it, we will have a fully functional D.O.J. Interested in helping set up the court side of things? Let us know!!

  • Veterinarians and Doctors: That’s right, we really do have it all here. Ever dream of being a doctor or vet? Come on in!

  • Law: Well, how would we have crims with no law? Join us today and get signed up with the crime wars of the 1900’s! These guys make the county safe, or so they think. (;

  • Jobs: Own a business, work for one, etc. We have the ability to set up just about any dream business you could imagine, per the 1900’s era. Open a ticket and let the discussion begin! Even if it’s just an idea you had but and are curious if it’d be possible, go ahead and ask us. We love and welcome new ideas.

Welcome to a fresh county!
Come write your story…

Hey partner! I was trying to join your discord, but for some reason, the link doesnt work.

Howdy ! i too would like to join let me know if you get this link working !