The garage you want [PAID]

Thank you for your suggestion, I will continue working on this resource to be more than just a garage :smiley:.

About the pricing of the resource, it took a lot of work but you’re not only buying the resource, you’re paying for all the future updates and all my support to get the resource working on your server, also the code isn’t obfuscated or ip-locked, so you can modify everything and learn some things of Lua coding. I hope you understand it, I’m not forcing anyone to buy it.

Is this IP locked?

No IP lock or obfuscation

its a great script there is some bugs in it.

But he is doing a great support, he help us and make it work,

i will give the scripts function i like give 8 stars out of 10
And the support 10 stars out of 10


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just bought the script, not many options for support having this error
SCRIPT ERROR: @pmc-garage/server/main.lua:117: attempt to call a nil value (global ‘SetPlayerRoutingBucket’)

handler (@pmc-garage/server/modules/callbacks.lua:7)

You should be using artifacts version 3245 or higher.
I will DM you to get support.

Hello ! nice garage system :slight_smile:

I have some question :

  1. When you buy a vehicle with cardealer, where go the vehicle ?

  2. We have only one garage ? or we can duplicate other garage for have many garage ?

If I correctly understand this question, when you buy the vehicle, you just need to enter any garage.

You can have infinite garages. There’s a configuration file with examples to setup your garages :smiley: .

Hi PiterMcFlebor!

First of all is … VERY GOOD JOB !!

Improving the animation and loading time for entering and exiting the garage would help a lot.

Can you make private garages?

Can I deactivate the car locking system?

Can I deactivate the key system?

Can I make persistent cars?

Thank you!

Yeah, but you think the vehicle buy in cardealer go directly your garage system? or i need a simple garage system like esx_eden_garage ?

The garage wasn’t expected for private garages, but it will be a future update.

Yeah, you can disable the car lock.

What do you mean? When you leave the garage the vehicle will be persistent if FiveM does that well :slight_smile:

You don’t need any other garage script. Your cardealer system will work okay with this garage, if not I will give you support and try to fix it for you.

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I’m looking forward to the moment!

sick! I will buy it in a few days!

Really cool! Is there any way I can change the sign that is above the cars to a smaller symbol?

yeah, you can make it smaller, change the color or the symbol inside!

Ok, i go try and buy your garage, i contact you if my cardealer resource doesn’t work with your system

Don’t like it? Don’t buy it.

tebex link isnt working

any idea how to get this working for standalone? when i’m trying to enter the garage it resets my car back to the same area. in other words, it won’t let me enter the garage.