:mascot: The Biggest Plane Pack in FiveM | 150+ Planes | 3.8gb worth!

the biggest

Hey there you fivem enthusiast, hope your doing well and are safe. Today I’m releasing a massive plane pack, this plane pack has been custom made and optimized. The planes have water handling as well and all different plane brands have been split up into different folders. Within this pack are custom liverys, custom planes & custom handling. Overall, within this pack there are over 150+ planes and rotocrafts, i hope you like the pack. I will be releasing updates of this pack and new version.

If you require help regarding this resource, please contact me via this topic and no other way.

:bookmark: Credits:

Design & Developed By: Twisted :mascot:

:page_with_curl: Instructions

Download the Release and drag and drop into your resources folder. Then go to your server.cfg and type:

start Airbus-Aircrafts
start Boeing-Aircrafts
start Donnell-Aircrafts
start Embraer-Aircrafts
start General-Aircrafts
start Military-Aircrafts
start MilitaryPack1
start MilitaryPack2
start Nasa-Aircrafts
start Rotorcraft-Aircrafts
start Rotorcraft-Aircrafts2

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What Should i release more of?

  • Maps/ MLO’s
  • Liverys/ Vehicles
  • Custom Scripts

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:cloud: Download:

Please download this release via by Google Drive: Awww pls click meee
Please download this release via by GitHub: Still Uploading
Please download this release via by Gofile: Download via here, since im better

Images - Click meeeeeee


Image of Files - Spilt Up (Around 20+ Planes in each pack)
Screen Shot 2021-05-02 at 15.33.49




This is awesome! FANTASTIC release!

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Thanks! I already have some planes added from [Release] Mega Plane Pack {35 Aircrafts Included} and i see that you use the same name for them. Are the models the same or just the name?

Probably the same model would be my guess. There’s not many airplanes out there for GTA V that are actually properly modelled, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it overlaps


There are properly, similar models however all he aircrafts in this pack have water mechanics and releastics plane handling. It’s from my flight sim so everything been edited correctly. I believe you actually downloaded the first pack i made around 2 years ago, however the link went corrupt.

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Actually, there are lots more GTA5 real life models now. Over the last through year, there has been a massive push for custom models for aircrafts, there are some in this pack however, most the real custom planes are paid resources. Overall, there are more planes if you look in the right areas, however you are correct about a lack of aircrafts on gta5 mods, perhaps look on new upcoming websites such as the one i have listed below.

Oh yeah absolutely, there’s been a lot of new planes since I made that release.

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love flying around planes in gta so fun for some reason thank you so much

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Yep, its actually really fun. You should check out some flight sims, lots of my stuff are on there.

Cool release, flight simulators will be thankful

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Ayo wtf :joy: shis impressive bro gj

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Cheers bro, i will be releasing civ packs and police packs very soon. - Hope this helps you guys out!

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Thanks everyone, once again!

is fivemods a leaking site?

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Nope, its a legit developer site. They currently are working with @badger & @londonstuidos

Thats a lot of planes

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Yes sir.

This is amazing! Looks very good and attention to detail is there. Will be using this for my community in the future.

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