Thameshire Roleplay Community | British Based Economy Server | Realistic Economy | Criminal and Civil Judicial System | Prison RP | Advanced Vehicles and More!

Who are we?
Thameshire Roleplay is a FiveM economy sever based around British Culture and Laws.

The server had been in development since December 2021 and over 950 hours have been put into it since. The server consists of many paid and private resources customized to fit our needs by our own in-house development and coding team. We are currently in Alpha Phase development which is the implementation stage of our resources. We will shortly enter Beta state which will be a role-play release in the bug testing stage with 3 delayed release stages. Our server is currently open for testing only

Why should I join you?
First and foremost, what are you looking for? A place to have fun and meet new people? Then you’re in the right place. Come and go as you please and immerse yourself in a realistic experience where you can do whatever your heart desires.

Want to become a successful businessman? You can do that. What to become a drug runner, you can do that. Want to become a judge or top lawman? You can do that. Want to be the leader of the government? You can do that too. You can become whatever you want provided you put the work in.

For every 5 people you invite to the server earn £100 on release day, £100 goes a long way. Have the most amount of people invited to earn a big bonus!

Earn £100 for every bug you report that is verified.

Please visit our Wikipedia for more information


  • Realistic Economy (50/50 player run)
  • Player Owned Businesses & Fuel Stations (Interactive and Sales Monitoring)
  • Player Owned Vehicle Shops
  • Advanced Vehicle System (Mileage, Servicing etc)
  • Realistic Player Run Gangs
  • Full Judicial & Prison System (Criminal and Civil)
  • Full Crafting system (Weapons and Drug Manufacturing)
  • Custom Market Place
  • Black Market
  • Intuitive Banking and Billing System
  • 3 Bank Heists
  • iFruit Store Heist
  • Money Laundering
  • Custom Buildings to enhance roleplay
  • Realistic Damage (Vehicle and Player)
  • Intuitive Police Interaction and Processing System
  • Credit Unions (Run a bank and issue loans based on credit scores)

Hey do you have discord? If so send me a dm Junglexz#4161

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Join today!

BUMP. We’re now finally open! Join our discord: Thameshire Roleplay

BOMP. The server needs more players! We are recruiting NHS, Police, Mechanics, Judges, Solicitors etc… we have a spot for everyone to fit into.

We’re still looking for new players to fill important roles.

Earn bonus money for every friend you invite!

Invite is invalid still. add my discord ReedTheDev#3767

Official Invite Link Thameshire Roleplay