TGR ELS | A performant and proper ELS

Welcome to TGR ELS!

TGR ELS adds a brand different dimension to the patrols you undertake.
It offers an alternative and extremely in-depth method to control emergency lighting system and sounds, it’s certain to enhance your playing experience and brighten up emergency lighting so it feels more realistic.

The TGR ELS system syncs perfectly between players upon joining the server and lights up your surroundings, countless hours have been spent on making sure that the TGR ELS system is as performant as possible!


Please note: the vehicle used in this video is a Swedish police car that I had ready to use, there are no issues using other ELS vehicles. Also due to limitations on my PC the graphics are very low and may impact the appearance of the lights.


  • Synchronized lighting for ALL players.
  • ELS vehicles does not automatically repair themself.
  • Performance friendly.
  • Regular updates through FiveM asset system.
  • Extensible configuration.
  • Easy to understand documentation.
  • Drag and drop setup.
  • (Major updates are planned to be released each month, while minor hotfixes will be released weekly!)


Code is accessible No
Subscription-based Optional
Lines (approximately) 8000+
Requirements None
Support Yes

Can you list benefits of using this over lvc or els-fivem?

The subscription is monthly right?


  • Active development.
  • Realistic light patterns.
  • Great performance.
  • Works with all kinds of ELS.
  • Perfect sync across all players.
  • No repair bug.

Those are just the main benefits!

The price has been lowered from:

  • 39.99 to: 34.99 USD.
  • 9.99 to 4.99 USD.

Also a small update:

  • Improved parsing of XML files.
  • Improved code.
  • Improved performance.

Small update has been pushed:

  • Resolved incorrect error handling.
  • Fixed incorrect reading of XML entry.
  • Minor performance improvements.

I just bought it, it says in readme to add the vehicles in config but there is no config only client en server files

If you open the index.html file it says the following:

Add your ELS .XML file to tgr_els/els_config/external/ folder. (Important, make sure its a valid XML file)

Take the .XML file that comes with the vehicle you have, place it in tgr_elsels_configexternal.
I hope that helps & thank you for your purchase!

2023-02-26 14_24_16-tgr_els - - WinSCP

yeah but it isnt there

Ah, I must have missed that folder when uploading the new update.
There is now a new version available for download on your keymaster page!

thanks man

A new update has been released which fixed a couple of issues with the update checking system.

Hi, what is the resmon?

Around 0.05 when all lights are on.

What will happen if up to ten vehicles have it on? Can you maybe like add a screenshot?

Its being used on servers with over 500 players and does not exceed 0.1ms.

can you tell me why it wont work on half my cars i have been looking for your discord but cant find it