TGIANN Weapons On Back (With Attachments)

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  • Easy config
  • Full optimize
  • Easy to use
  • TGIANN Carry weapons script allows you to carry your weapons with their attachments on your back, belt or chest
  • You can change the locations of the guns by their group in the config as you want.
  • For example for police the pistol is on their belt at the right, while for citizens its on their belt at their back
  • The scripts works well with normal and addon GTAV guns and the attachments are shown too
  • The weapons that are on your back pass bullets, so players cant use their weapons as an armour

Supported Inventories (With editable files, you can make it compatible with the inventory you want. If you don’t know coding, you can open ticket from discord)

  • QB-Core Default
  • Ox Inventory
  • Core Inventory
  • MF Inventory
  • QS Inventory
  • Chezza Inventory


  • ESX or QB

Config File

TGIANN | Weapons On Back ( 10€

TGIANN | Weapons On Back ( 10€

TGIANN Subscription Pack (All TGIANN Scripts 45€/Monthly)
TGIANN Script Documents(
TGIANN | Scripts (

Code is accessible No ( Editable Files )
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 350+
Requirements Chefck Requirements
Support Yes
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Does it support quasar inventory cause his one doesn’t work good

Can be suported to every inventory with editable files. If you need help, just open a ticket


0.01 - 0.02

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Is there a fix to make weapons that are in hand not show on body?

There is no such problem in the latest version

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  • Now works on the Chezza Studios Inventory