Testing new hud for inventory (feedback)

Been messing around a little with my own inventory hud, wanted to get some feedback. Ive sort of just taken the best things from numerous releases and put them into one for the actual menu.

Any thoughts or feedback would be great.

thanks in advance.

Update 1:


Looks great, but in my opinon the middle buttons (Use, Pay etc.) should have the same theme, they look a bit mis-matched atm. A tip: If you give an item to anyone a small sub-menu pops up. It can also look mis-matched if you don’t have the same theme on it. Besides that it looks like you’ve done a great job!

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thanks yeah i know it does look a little out of place now that you mention it…
I wanted the use,pay close to stand out a little more, but i defo agree somethings just not quite right with it. I’ll have a mess around, i appreciate your input.

Also there’s no give function since give functions are easily exploitable and players can dupe items sadly. :frowning:

also the inventory limits at the top look weird to me but i have no idea where else i could put them :monkey:

yo great work dude, looks really good would you be thinking about releasing it? . i was thinking about doing this as one of my next to do’s but if your going to release it i shall wait haha 10/10

looks real good mate I hope this one comes to a release seen so many poeple post about them and we never see it released

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Still working on it, updated it a little bit. thanks for the feedback guys.

I just need to setup the item limits and the information box when you hover over items.

Currently using it for my own server, but honestly might release it when i’m done. didn’t think there’d be as much interest lol

was going to ask in my last reply but does it have a trunk with it?

stashes, trunks, gloveboxes. Its just a combination of esx and disc hud

very nice dude how long would be looking at seeing a release or a beta release

got to finish some irl assignments for univeristy so progress has been slower than usual. the good news is that I should have the final assignment finished tonight, so i’ll be able to fully dedicate my time to development. :slight_smile:

So we’ll see, not sure how long it’ll take. shouldn’t take too long. had a few people private dm me about it, make sure you follow me and you’ll get notified of updates!

Looks good honestly, I prefer a little lighter colour but this is yours and your preference.
In my opinion I would keep it for yourself my guy, If you’re opening a server you will stand out, not just the same old shit but thats on you…

Either people use esx_inventoryhud, Disc_inventoryhud OR custom.

Man if you actually get a release out, there will be soo many happy people you have no idea…
Good work and keep at it!

give download please

It looks great can i get it pls!

This is incredibly clean and love the 1-5 quick inventory. Great work! Are you using ESX?

amen… i miss those quick 1-5 in my inventory… was soooooo usefull to have

hey guys, took a break from development and moved onto other projects. However I am now back, will be updating and possibly releasing it soon :slight_smile:

thanks for the support


Awesome work, im excited for this release! :smile:

When Its Will Be Realse?


Here’s the upload guys… will leave it up for 30 days
Its just a modification of disc-inventory hud with some tweaks.

I no longer use it, so wont be able to help too much with any errors.

You will also need to have disc-ammo and disc-base installed for it.