Tesla dealership near the beach

im looking for the creator of this map “tesla dealership by the beach” so i can purchase from the owner im unable to find this dealership anywhere on the internet your help would be very appreciated

looks cool

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Hello @Unorthodox1,

It was showcased by YouTuber SteveTheGamer55 in 2 of his videos · Reference 1, Reference 2

His video descriptions are very spammy/unclear, but my guesses for the map/mod creator would be ThekynGG or OceanRAZR.

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i said the same thing but i checked neither of them provide mapping and yes very spamming indeed!

I think the creator is ThekynGG since he seem to be the MLO mapper, OceanRAZR I found out he only making cars. I believe u can try contact ThekynGG

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