Terrible RP Practices

So been on the server about a week and things seemed good, the owners John and Mazey seemed very friendly, helpful and accomodating, aiding us in buying our property and making sure we was comfortable. However the problems came to light in a huge way when interacting with other members of the community who hold positions of power both IC and OOC and can’t seem to differentiate between the two.
Firstly the ‘head doctor’ comes to revive me, I told my RP partner Zatty playing my characters wife Luna Lupine in a DM I’ll /alertdoctor give the doctor some RP, doctor shows up my wife is hysterical as I was shot by bad people (bounty mission gone wrong) the RP didn’t happen, he knelt by my body revived me with his slash command and charged me $75 then went to walk off saying he’d taken out all the bullets and stitched me up… what in 5 seconds? Where’s my RP? Luna then went on to query this miraculous procedure and the doctor who was the head doctor made an utter mockery of it claiming he’s that good… right there is a /do command to allow for descriptive emote RP but no one utilizes it.
So big let down with that no RP and I lost $75 for a quick ‘injection’.
Next my wife was bulldozed off her horse by a carriage that came hurtling out of the woods as we trotted along a road, the driver - Marshal Busty - and passenger - Head Doctor (forget his name) - didn’t even show any signs of giving two shits that they had just literally run someone over with their carriage that came bursting out of the woods. I questioned this “You not gonna say or do anything about just careening out of the woods nearly hitting me but smashing into my wife?” the marshals reply to this was “Who the f*** asked you?” a back and forth cmmenced about his attitude and why was he barrelling out of the woods with no care for the populace and showing none for those they were injuring. The reply was “I’m a marshal, I don’t deal with medical stuff” to which both me and my RP partner said that as a marshal they should be concerned about peoples welfare and safety not speeding through woods with no care for people the response was “Police business mother******” to which we just sighed and called them a child and to just carry on their way just another one of those people, another kid trying to act big because he has an important IC role, sod all other RP.
Disgusted with this we carried on just the two of us did a bounty and returned to Valentine to be confronted with another very immersive breaking scene that just felt like people messing around on a game. Now I understand this is a game but you’re advertising as an RP server, where’s the RP? Why is this nonsense going on?
Anyways firstly there was a guy in a flowery hat, nothing else just the hat thinking he was in a dress, I walked away from this and went to the bounty board. I returned to seeing Blaze King, who is a doctor attacking the dress man with a knife and Marshal Busty tackled him to the ground and hauled him off to jail. My RP partner and I showed genuine concern to the man who was repeatedly stabbed, the head doctor was stood there aswell, but to our disgust it was all laughed off as some kind of tomfoolery, but there was blood flying everywhere, no one not a soul followed through with the RP, just waved it off as ‘some fun’ and we questioned why such a man would be allowed to be a doctor, we never truly got a legit straight answer, so we moved away discussing in RP what we just witnessed all the while abuse being thrown at us from the man in jail and snide remarks from the others and sarcastic “goodbyes” when the ‘dress man’ ran up to us and said “Right out of character now What do you expect here?”
So now we are forced to go OOC, and we said we expect RP, no one is RPing out anything, you were just stabbed multiple times and nothing. To which he said the guy has a mental problem, or a metal plate or something, I do not know if this is OOC or IC, but is the second person with this condition. I was informed ‘dress man’ also had a plate in his head hence his weird thinking about the whole dress thing. Anyways this back and forth continued basically in every scenario we was to blame, being run over by a carriage, our fault, not being happy with standard of RP, our fault. We was accused of telling people how they should be RPing their characters. No good sir we are saying actions have consequences and should be RP’d out, you were stabbed but just laughed at it and pretended it didn’t happen breaking immersion immediately. It then came to light that ‘dress man’ was a fecking admin… now when ever I go to any server and I been doing this for over 15 years I look to the admins to set the bar, well this bar is on the ground people, here’s an admin who simply thinks we’re too serious because we RP consequences… look up RP go check out the guidelines, if you want to just mess around in game with friends, change the server title and all the discord channels and so on because this is not serious RP. He told us to go open a ticket, whats the point when the staff an enforcing this terrible RP practice? He then said he’s clipped this part of the conversation when we got a little irate at them, didn’t yell but we was frustrated. Funny how you didn’t clip the beginning fo the conversation nor the terrible RP and character breaking, not to mention epic failRP… so odd. He then said he’d had enough, wait you started this conversation, then my RP partner vanished mid sentence - she was banned - I followed shortly after just as Blaze King now out of jail runs up and says hello whilst the admins all lounged further down the road. A kick from the discord followed shortly after (we never took this to discord) and all because we were expecting RP and didn’t get it and questioned it. All via RP I might add.

In short people if you’re looking for a decent/serious RP server this is not it, but if you wish to just mess about join and crack on. I personally will never ever recommend this server to even light/casual Rpers, this place mocks RP and is a dishonour and disservice to the very meaning of RP by having RP in its title.

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