Temperature / Wetness system [ Cold / Hot ]



  • Different temperatures for each weather type [configurable in config]

  • You will get bonus temperature from clothes [configurable in config]

  • Take damage if you are too hot [it depends on weather type + clothes bonuses]

  • Take famage if you are too cold

  • Weather temperature will get low if its getting dark [ morning, dawn, midnight ]

  • If you are near campfire [ you can add more props from config] you will get fire bonus.

  • If you get near campfire in hot weathers you will get hot damage

  • If you are inside any kind of interior [like markets or mechanics] you will get bonus heat.

  • Wetness system added

  • If your character wet weather has to be below 25C degree or you have to be near fire till you get dry again.

  • Wetness will give you - temperature [ you can define how much debonus you want from config. ]

Future plans:

  • Adding heatpack to get warm for a time


  • cs_easytime or qb-weathersync


Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 500+
Requirements QBCore
Support Yes via discord

that hud. holy shit.

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