Tebex purchases not showing up for old buyers

Hello, hope you all doing well

I updated 2 of my releases to new fivem asset manager…

everything on my end is fine , and i also updated tebex to use them

but, old buyers cant see them in their purchased assets section
(new buyers can see them completely fine)

not sure how can i fix this issue or even is this issue on my end

if there is anything more that i need to tell, let me know !

thank you!

(opened a ticket 5 days ago and still waiting on the respond, hope i can get help here…)

It only applies to purchases that take place from release on from my understanding. It won’t apply to users who have purchased it in the past.

i thought the same too , but this is kinda lame
if i want to make my script to use escrow system and also have my old customers receive their update, then it will not work at all

they should implement something like a sync all function in either tebex or keymaster to fix this problem…

Not a FiveM bug report