Tebex Payment Decline

[ Note: Just curious how many people experienced this and if so, let me know how you/they handled it / ty! ]

New Server owner here.
So, I only bought scripts from 3 creators (1 where I made massive purchase, other 2 were about less than $50) and now I can’t even buy anything.

Paypal declined / Credit Card declined / Debit card declined
(even bought things from Etsy and everything was fine)

While waiting for Tebex Support, I’ve been seeing very few cases about payment declining and few hours ago finally got a memo that they detected me as a fraud.

I don’t know much about Tebex, but ffs they have a terrible support and payment system.

I guess in this case it really depends on how much you actually paid in total.

Usually their fraud protection system suspends you from purchasing if e.g. your bank account doesn’t have enough money for the purchase etc.

But I agree that Tebex’s sometimes “aggressive” handling of such situations is kind of over the top. And then they don’t even give you the reason for it…

A buddy of mine got his paypal suspended for 21 days because he bought two identical coupons worth 100€ for two of his friends. After the second coupon he got immediately detected by their fraud prevention. (as this is a common thing to do)

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The only thing I can think of (buying two same scripts) was literally $4 notification that was on sale…
Gut was telling me something bad and I guess this is maybe what I get LOL

I probably spent about $125 total from the 3 creators from few days ago but when I bought weeks before no issue.

Both Paypal and my bank didn’t see a problem on their end. So, this kinda sucks…

Did your friend wait 21 days to buy more scripts?

Yea, maybe that was it. But again, Tebex doesn’t tell you, so we will never know.

This was unrelated to Tebex at all.
Just wanted to let you know that this can be a “normal” thing regarding online payments. Even if you think you are good, someone somewhere finds a way to cause harm doing something like I described and ultimately you will be one of those false flags.

I just hope Tebex resolves the issue for you :slight_smile:

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Wondered if you ever found a solution. Tebex has declined every card I have and my paypal. I have sent 2 contact forms and have gotten nothing back from them. The Company I trying to buy scripts from just says I have to contact Tebex. Kinda stuck and need the scripts.

Talk to your bank again, I had to call them 3 times to figure out why it declines. Apparently, the 2 ladies I spoke with basically lied to me saying there’s nothing on my account thats on hold and its Tebex. Called the last time and the 3rd lady basically said my card was locked up because I nor the other representative confirmed my Tebex purchases.

I will give that a try. Thanks

Talked to my bank. On 4 different cards that were declined. Also talked to my paypal. Everything is good on those fronts.

Tebex support is horrible. Havent heard a thing from them. No idea what to do.

Have you tried creating a different CFX account? Or put money in your Paypal acct?
I had to do this while waiting for Tebex.

On any tebex.io site my payment methods gets decline no matter what. I tried creating a new discord, fivem, and used a new debit card, but nothing. I can “checkout” FREE items with my account, but when it comes to purchasing I can’t.

You have to make sure you talk to your bank as they are the ones that holds incoming purchases and detects if its a fraud (if you buy multiples). Like my bank, 2 reps bs’d me and finally had someone that told me that I needed to authorize.
In the meantime, I had money in Paypal and didn’t have a problem using Paypal Balance.

I don’t even think it’s the same. I’ve tried with a whole new discord, Fivem, and new card on a different WIFI IP. That should of worked. After you called the bank, you’re allowed to shop on Tebex.io normally?

Yes, regardless if you are using 3rd party (e. Paypal) or directly from Debit/Credit Card, it’ll go to your bank. My bank is under military/government system so they are a bit more strict and notifies when there’s multiple purchases from one source but perhaps majority of banks may do that too.

I created a new CFX account and made purchases (when my main account couldn’t buy any scripts) and a day after couldnt make anymore and found out that my bank was restricting Tebex purchases because they flagged it as if someone else was making these purchases because I didn’t authorize it.

Tebex can’t do anything about it and it’s mainly your bank is what I gathered.

My bank tends to flag almost anything that is an overseas purchase (I am in the USA) especially if it is something that I do not use often. I was locked the first time I tried to check out over $20 from Tebex, but a call to my bank cleared it up and I have never had an issue since.

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