Tebex escrow system question

I want to upload a new asset on Tebex totally free, but I want to escrow it with the tebex escrow system, can I make this without breaking any TOS?

A mod would need to clarify, but if the product is set as a “Pay What You Want”, I believe it is technically a “paid” resource, whether or not the minimum value to pay is above 0.00
This comment is not 100% validated as true, this is an assumption made based on the wording of the TOS.

Yeah I understand that, but if I want to publish a free asset but I do not want it to be “open source” because I want to make paid DLCs to that asset, what can I do? :rofl:

1.) Why would having the main resource be open source remove your ability to provide paid DLC?
2.) If you don’t want to risk breaking TOS by doing the above mentioned, all you can do is wait for a valid answer from a mod.

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  1. Because other people can get inside the open source and create they’re DLCs.

  2. I will wait thanks for your time. :slight_smile:

There’s nothing about it in the terms of service, but for releasing on the forums there’s different rules which disallow it.

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Thanks that’s the exact question :slight_smile:

All clear.