TeamSpeak SDK ClientMinimal Problem

Hello. Quite a long time trying to screw the library TeamSpeak 3 SDK C# to the server, but instead we get the same error. An error occurs at the stage of creating a connection object. There was even such an idea that FiveM somehow restricts us in such manipulations, but it’s hard to believe. I would be very grateful if someone could help in this matter

CitizenFX.Core.Debug.Write("Client lib started");
/* Create a new server connection handler using the default*/
Connection connection = new Connection();

Which .NET Framework are you building against? FiveM’s mono version supports maximum 4.5.2.

C# on the client is sandboxed, you won’t be able to access any random resources on the user’s system.

@d0p3t build on 4.5.2

@indium so we have not any variant for use this? We have 1 more idea, use webrtc for this but if really i think TS will be better (performance, stability, traffic and other). How I can understand that it’s sandbox denied or my hands? It’s my first time with csharp :blush:

No one else faced this?

Do not quite understand what you mean …

I am working on a WebRTC system, as I know two people have made teamspeak plugins that work with FiveM but both are kept private to the server owners :frowning:

@Scott_UK it’s 2 big different, teamspeak plugin or teamspeak client… It’s not interesting when player need download and open teamspeak client exe before connect to server

To have a teamspeak plugin you need teamspeak though.