Synced Vehicle Locks, with Lock all NPC cars

whats the keybind

anyone know of a good lockpick script that works with this ? this working awesome for me but carnt find a lockpick script to work with it . i know many people have asked before . thnx in adavance

What’s the difference between ensure and start?

Ensure is a way to permanently create cache for that resource (I believe) but not gonna lie, I’ve never noticed a difference between start and ensure.

hello I have this script, it works all very well, but when buying a vehicle, it cannot be locked from the outside, I can only open and close inside the vehicle, any solution?, it can only be opened and closed from outside when I restart the script. please help

that same problem I try to find

You need to update the table for owned vehicles on the script, there are instructions for all different types of car dealers within this post.

that’s the best script of his kind… I was extremely lucky to find it, and now I’m the happiest person.
Now i need to fix the blowpipe of the mechanics and add lockpick. And it’s trully amazing.
Thank you for the work!

Worked like a charm! Thank you so much!

Hey people !! So ive installed this script on my server. Work fine for personnal vehicles but the job ones comes out locked and can’t be unlocked. Can anyone help me out? I’m getting crazy over this. I added these:

– [[ Job name and Number Plate NOTE: this removes any numbers E.G PDM 477 will read PDM ]] –
Config.JobsandPlates = {
[1] = {job = ‘cardealer’, plate = ‘PDM’},
[2] = {job = ‘mechanic’, plate = ‘BENNY’},
[3] = {job = ‘unicorn’, plate = ‘UNIC’},
[4] = {job = ‘cafe’, plate = ‘CAFE’},
[5] = {job = ‘tequilala’, plate = ‘TEQUI’}

but it doesn’t seem to change anything. Am i supposed to validate that somewhere else in the script. Do i have to register those ‘‘plates’’ in another script? Cause the vehicles still comes out with a serial of numbers

So when you spawn the car from the job, number plate not started with what you set in the Config.JobsandPlates?

nope! it didn’t

So you need something like

local plate = 'RUNR ’ … math.random(100, 900)


SetVehicleNumberPlateText(Vehicle That will Spawn, plate)

You can see example here: Set custom plat number for other vehicle lock script by ayobpro · Pull Request #8 · kasuganosoras/esx_deliveries · GitHub