Sync thread hitch warning?

Hey everyone ! My server says “sync thread hitch warning” on my console. Its the first time i see this warnings. What does it mean ?

Thank you

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It means that a thread is taking to much time to be executed (which I believe is more than 50 ms). This is probably due to a specific script. I would recommend you to take alook at this topic to find out which script is the issue : Speeding up your Server 101 (Windows)

It is not “server thread hitch warning” its “sync thread hitch warning”. I did not change any script since 2 days. And its started 30 minutes ago. Im not thinking thats because of a script. And i am using Debian not windows

well, then you’ll never find out why it happens, as only windows has tools for profiling such issues

generally it’s your server being slow though

I have this “sync hitch” and “network hitch” on the server console if i run the fxserver with multi IPs with 80+ players online, but if i run the FxServer with single IP the “sync” and “network” hitch will not show even with 200+ players online.

btw i am using a “Linux artifacts” server and “ESX” framework.

“profiler” will not show where the hitch came from because it is not a “server hitch”.

hope anyone have a solution for this issue :slight_smile:

The problem was VPS. There was a CPU error on my VPS. They fixed it and there is no problem atm.

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How did you know it was vps ? How did you inquiry with them?