🏩 Syn City RP | Rewarding Roleplay | Welcoming Player Base | Gameplay Designed To Make The RolePlay Fun And Rewarding. | Los Santos & Cayo Perico | [UK/EU/US]


SYNe2 Syn City RP Is a Fivem Roleplay server founded on the goal of offering players a place to showcase their roleplay skills in a positive and welcoming environment. We are happy to accept new-to-rp Players and will take the time to help you grow into full fledged Rp’ers. Our community is mature and extremely friendly.
SYNe2 Server IP: (F8 Connect)

SYNe2 Discord: here

SYNe2 Beginner Pamphlet: here

SYNe2 SynCity RP Rules: here

SYNe2 Real Economy Our Economy is real and balanced for playability. The goal is to offer a grind that is rewarding and attainable for individuals who don’t have 100 hours a week to grind. We want you to be able to play the characters you want on a timeline that is realistic.

SYNe2 Whitelisted Jobs Restaurants, Gangs, Mechanics, Car and Other vehicle dealers. Our whitelist system is completely unbiased and is based only on RP ability and individual conduct for approval. Check the discord for applications channel.

SYNe2 Illegal Activities Syn City RP Offers The best of what Fivem resources has available. Our team carefully combs through mods to bring our players the best experience possible. We have a tiered sellable and usbale Drug system. Over 10 heists; some of which do not require active PD. Illegal weapons and weapon crafting, Street racing.

SYNe2 Non-Criminal Characters If a life of crime is not your aim, Syn City offers plenty to do for the straight laced people out there. Non White Listed jobs that are picked for their enjoyment and playability, including Trucking Jobs, Fishing, Hunting, Garbageman, City Service, electrician Etc.

SYNe2 Staff and Development Team Our staff team is a diverse and professional group of individuals who put hours of effort into ensuring a positive experience for our players.

SYNe2 Recreation Syn City Rp has tons of things to do in your down time, RP needs some R&R and we have all you could ever want. An easy to use and intuitive music system, play music from any device or vehicle and put video on any tv around you. A fully working arcade with NES and SNES games. Professional race tracks Nurburgring, Lemans, and Spa with Race Car Rentals. Make your own Race and challenge friends. Scuba Diving, Laser Tag, Airsoft with multiple maps.

SYNe2 A NON Pay to Play Experience We really disagree with how some servers run their donation systems, ours in no offers preferential experience to supporters. And any exclusive content received is not exceptional compared to what can be received through event giveaways or the daily grind.

SYNe2 Features:

  • :womans_clothes: Custom Clothing and Hair for male and female
  • :girl: Extra/better Female character face’s
  • :loudspeaker: Mumble
  • :gun: Custom Heist’s and Raid’s
  • :racing_car: Over 300 Custom Vehicle’s
  • :speedboat: Ownable Boats
  • :airplane: Ownable Planes
  • :policeman: Whitelisted LEO/EMS
  • :oncoming_police_car:Whitelisted Gangs with Custom Gang Script
  • :briefcase: Custom whitelisted businesses
  • :man_factory_worker: Custom Job Center jobs
  • :secret: Lots of hidden locations
  • :arrow_heading_up: Weekly Updates with patch notes
  • :game_die: Casino with working game’s
  • :checkered_flag: Custom Racing Script and Racing business
  • :man_judge: Courthouse system
  • :shield: Custom Prison
  • :musical_score: Custom Music System
  • :spiral_notepad: Police CAD System (can write report’s & issue warrent’s)
  • :bank:Custom Police Armory
  • :house_with_garden: Custom interior’s (housing, warehouse’s,offices and hotels)
  • :couch_and_lamp: Custom interior decorating
  • :convenience_store: Player Owned Shops and Businesses
  • :fuelpump: Player Owned Gas Stations
  • :bar_chart: Status Bar’s (Hunger/Thirst/Stamina/Armor/Health)
  • :radio: Radio’s (walkie-talkie)
  • :safety_vest: Working Shooting Range
  • :computer: Multiple Drug USB’S
  • :wave: Loads of emotes
  • :oncoming_automobile: Custom vehicle control HUD
  • :mailbox: Inventory HUD for Trunk & Glovebox/Shop’s & Houses
  • :smoking: Custom drug script’s with TEN different drug’s

Regular Jobs:

  • :ambulance: Emergency Medical Services (EMS|EMT)
  • :airplane: Pilot
  • :bus: Bus Driver
  • :lock: G4S Security
  • :fish: Fishing
  • :bear: Hunting
  • :movie_camera: News Reporter
  • :hocho: Slaughterer
  • :fuelpump: Fueler
  • :wastebasket: Garbage Man
  • :e-mail: Postal Worker
  • :truck: Trucker

Whitelisted Jobs:

  • :police_car: LSPD / BCSD
  • :red_car: Car Dealer
  • :taxi: Taxi Co.
  • :wrench: Mechanic
  • :slot_machine: Casino Owner
  • :racing_car: Midnight Club
  • :houses: Real Estate
  • :movie_camera: Cinema Theater
  • :high_heel: Vanilla Unicorn
  • :coffee: Bean Machine Coffee house


  • :tractor: Drugs (Collect, produce, Process, Sell)
  • :pill: Different kinds of drugs
  • :pill: Drug Effects (Some have buffs)
  • :people_holding_hands: Gangs (Custom Hideouts, weapons, and clothing)
  • :department_store: Black Market
  • :convenience_store: Store Robberies
  • :bank: Bank Robberies (Hacking, Thermite, custom set up heists)
  • :convenience_store: House Robberies
  • :atm: ATM Robberies
  • :gem: Vangelico Robbery
  • :crown: Gold Heist
  • :articulated_lorry: Bank Truck Heist
  • :herb: Drug Heist
  • :dollar: Money Laundering



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On the server i had one of the best experience so far and the devs are there if you have any problem at all to help you. So if you are searching for a good and welcomed server where you can make good memories its the right server for you :wink:


I’ve had a lot of fun interacting with everyone in this server and even the devs/admins are very well versed when it come to support and even role playing. The people running the businesses in the city are very customer friendly and are always willing to help newcomers.


Big Events this weekend!

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A great server that needs people. The server has good developers, they put their souls and life into it. The people there are friendly for the most part. Very good staff team compared to other servers. There’s so much more but you’ll have to see it for yourself to judge.


New Features :3

new Forests added, and new vehicle handling for offroad non four wheel drive vehicles.

Nurburgring, SPA, and Leman race tracks, Race car rentals available track side <3


SYNe2Ui updates: New Hud improvements and menu formats to make hud more user friendly and useful.

SYNe2New Notification Draw Text system: Adds a clean aesthetic to play while not being overly invasive or present on your screen.

SYNe2New Renzu_Jobs: A great addition to the server has been replaces existing ESX jobs with a more modern and user friendly Renzu Jobs ripe with features!

SYNe2Vehicle handling updates: to affect traction loss on dirt for two wheel vehicles.

Come check us out <3 we are always looking for new people to welcome into the community!

SYNe2Demolition Derby: Today at 10 pm GMT, or 4 pm CST. New players welcome.

SYNe2 A New Live Podcast Our very own Chef Dave along with Lamar Pope host a live podcast in the server every week, come check it out.

SYNe2Our Side Of the Streets: Podcast a weekly show done by our very own Chef Dave and massacreOG, these guys are amazing a big parts of what make our server what it is.

SYNe2 Special Event Hey peeps, we have a really cool event going on today, 5pm CST 10pm GMT a city wide scavenger hunt. This is a great opportunity to make friends and win some prizes, come check it out.

SYNe2 Weekly Update Dev team has been working on QOL improvements for the server, recently updated all payed scripts, and added a dozen new vehicles to the server; mostly classic 50’s-70’s era cars. This coming week we are switching to “ALL HOUSING VERSION 3.0” a really cool script with lots of features that add to the RP of home owners, such as allowing house props to be placed outside the shell of the property in the yard, also allows for shells to be manually manipulated and placed which is great for the back end of setting a house up. Hope to see you in the server.

SYNe2 Change Logs
added over 300 new rims to the server. enjoy.
added over 30 new vehicles to the sever, including boats and planes.
many balance and performance changes.
starting implementation of allhousing V3 and modfreaks companion inventory system. Gonna be really cool!

SYNe2 Change Logs
added over 300 new rims to the server. enjoy.
added over 30 new vehicles to the sever, including boats and planes.
many balance and performance changes.
starting implementation of allhousing V3 and modfreaks companion inventory system. Gonna be really cool!