Switch txAdmin Master account

does anybody know, how my friend (he has got the txadmin master account) can give me the master account?
At the moment my account only got “all permissions”.

We want to change that, so that his account has got “all permissions” and mine has got “master account”.


I don’t think you can change master accounts since the person that sets up Tx first receives the master account. You would have to set it up again under your account.

(Recommended Option)

You can try deleting admins.json located in txData/admins.json and restart txAdmin and then just follow the instructions on the page.

(Second Option)

In admins.json you may find “master”: true, " try editing the one found in another user to true and the old user to false. (This may not work.)


Deleting the admins.json works!

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Help with directions to that. i have a rogue dev and he has tx admin only!

help with instructions, i deleted the whole file but tx admin still works and says he is master

Open that file instead of deleting it and just change the name and save it. Simple

Delete the admins.json file!

restart the whole vps i guess