SW Police RP

:oncoming_police_car: Exciting New South Wales Police RP Server Launch! :tada:

Weโ€™ve poured a lot of effort into this server, and now itโ€™s time to bring in the community! Whether you dream of being part of the police force, firefighting heroics, or everyday civilian life, we have a spot for you. :rotating_light::fire::man_police_officer:

Roles Available:

  • :police_car: POLICE Response
  • :shield: FIREARMS
  • :red_car: RTPC (Road Traffic Police)
  • :mag: CID (Criminal Investigation Department)
  • :satellite: Control
  • :people_holding_hands: Civs (Civilians)
  • :ambulance: NHS
  • :fire_engine: WFD (Welsh Fire Department)
  • AND MUCH MORE! :rainbow:

Weโ€™re eager for your suggestions to enhance the server and invite you to help us identify any bugs. :bug::arrow_right::wrench:

Though weโ€™re still setting up our virtual scene (no videos just yet!), we welcome you to come and explore what weโ€™ve built. :building_construction::eyes:

If youโ€™re interested, join us on our Discord and become a part of our community from the ground up. Your insights, enthusiasm, and participation could make all the difference. :star2:

:link: Join us here: SW Police / Heddlu DC

Letโ€™s build the best South Wales Police RP experience together! See you there! :medal_military::oncoming_police_car: