Suspended in pateron for no reason

So my patreon account got suspended for suspecious acticity. my account was literaly a new patreon account and the only thing i did was buy the fivem membership… all of my scripts are on this account, and i cant run a server without custom clothing. i asked patreon support why i got suspended but they just say that they dont have to tell me… such great help from them. Does anybody know why i would get such a thing? and maybe how to fix this situation? thanks alot <3

Only Patreon can answer that. If they won’t tell you then they probably suspect fraud.

You can link a new Patreon account to CFX here:

well if i link a new account then all of my paid scripts will not be transfered there and i cant transfer them more than once so im coocked basically

If you’ve only been suspended from Patreon then all your scripts should still be in Keymaster.

they still are, but what rp server does not have patreon

… You can make a NEW PATREON and then link that one to your keymaster.

it has to be the same mail as the cfx one

If you read my first reply… you can manually override your Patreon email on keymaster

i love you bro :joy: