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Zombody Once Told Me went into development in Oct 2023 and then was launched on Dec. 23, 2023.

Mission Statement

At Zombody Once Told Me, we are committed to providing a unique and immersive gaming experience set in a post-apocalyptic world, years after the initial outbreak. Our mission is to create a dynamic and player-driven environment where the fate of this desolate world is shaped by the choices and actions of our community.

Our vision is to foster a vibrant and ever-evolving role-play server that captivates the imagination of players. We offer a meticulously crafted world where survivors must band together to navigate the challenges of the zombie-infested landscape. As the population grows, our community’s decisions will determine the course of history, and we are dedicated to maintaining a rich, player-centric narrative.

Key tenets of our mission include:

**Interactive Storytelling**: We provide a platform where players can immerse themselves in a post-apocalyptic narrative that is shaped by their decisions, alliances, and conflicts.

**Community Collaboration**: Our server is built on the foundation of collaboration and community engagement. We encourage players to work together, form factions, and engage in diplomacy or warfare, all contributing to the evolving world in all new ways. Will you help clean up the streets for a brighter future or fill them with rubble to ensure the apocalypse ?

At Zombody Once Told Me, we invite you to join us on an unforgettable journey through a world ravaged by the undead. Together, we will write the next chapter in the saga of humanity’s struggle for survival, and we can’t wait to see how your decisions shape the destiny of this evolving post-apocalyptic world.

The story… your first step is receiving a message
2024-01-24 20_50_03-#server-story _ Zombody Once Told Me Roleplay - Discord

-Evolving & Reshaped World , partially flooded
-Safe Zones
-Weekly roleplaying events
-Crafting System
-Base Building /w Crew System
-Craftable storage crates
-Vehicle restoration
-Hostile NPC Safe Zones
-Designated PvP area
-Jobs (combat medic, clothing maker, fuel delivery)
-In game radio system
-Purchasable Safe Zone storage
-Great balance of survive, grind and build


Wanna check out the server for yourself ?
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This server is amazing! There is so many things to do. Who knew Zombie RP was what I was missing!

Yesterday the Coalition was rallying survivors to help clear the zombie mutations from the Sandy Shores area when one of our new community members had a slight misfire… :rofl: :sweat_smile:

Night time Regroup

Moments before a storm

Relaxing after a hard fought day

Upcoming Events :

Community Meeting (every Monday)
Market Trading Event (every Saturday)

His and her monster trucks

Aleister Searching for Martha

Safe Zone transport searching for survivors

Discussing how to handle the situation

One of our community members made this awesome video check it out !

And this was also shared by another member of the community

Come join us tonight for some intense adventures into the “Free Zone”

Come join the roleplay action you didn’t know you were missing !

Advanced Power Station Mission

Mission Briefing

Heading to the target

Proceeding on foot

Want to see more ? Join the server and experience it for yourself !

Latest addition to the server story after investigating the Power Station.

Saturday Market - Trading - City Safe Zone

Mission Prep

Survivor shower !

The story continues to unfold !

Jump in at anytime , learn the story , and become a master of not only the land but also new roleplay potential !

The community continues to grow and the story keeps unfolding ! Mission this Wednesday & Friday

Attention all survivors,

This is a crucial broadcast from the Coalition. Recent intelligence gathered from the newly established antenna safe zone has unveiled alarming developments in our ongoing struggle for survival. We have detected a significant surge in hostile enemy activity off the coast of the quarry.

Previous reconnaissance missions to this area have uncovered a troubling presence on a small landmass off the coast known as Chantski Island. It has become apparent that this island serves as a base for our adversaries, posing a direct threat to our safety and security.

In response to this imminent danger, the Coalition is calling upon all capable survivors to join forces in a unified effort to confront and neutralize this hostile force. We cannot afford to allow their presence to go unchallenged, as it jeopardizes the safety of our entire community.

We understand the risks involved, but the stakes are too high to ignore. By rallying together and launching a coordinated attack on Chantski Island, we can push back against this encroaching threat and secure a safer future for ourselves and future generations.

Prepare yourselves, gather your resources, and stand ready to answer the call to action. The success of this mission depends on each and every one of us playing our part. Together, we will prevail.

Stay vigilant, stay resilient, and stay united.

Server is still extremely active and always hosting events. Come check out the zombie server you’ve been missing !

Attention all survivors,

This is an urgent broadcast from the Coalition. We are flooded with reports of new abnormal or “super zombies” emerging across the island. These variants appear to be mutations of some of the more dangerous existing abnormal zombies, posing an unprecedented threat to our survival.

We urge extreme caution as you venture into the wastelands. These new dangers could lurk around any corner, and encountering them without proper preparation could be fatal. We understand the urgency of gathering supplies and resources, but your safety must come first.

The Coalition is mobilizing all available resources to gather more information about these new threats and to devise strategies to combat them effectively. However, this will take time, and in the meantime, your vigilance and resourcefulness are crucial.

Remember to:

Travel in groups whenever possible.
Stay informed about the latest developments through Coalition channels.
Equip yourselves with the best available weapons and protective gear.
Avoid unnecessary risks and prioritize survival above all else.

We understand the fear and uncertainty that these new developments may bring, but we must remain steadfast in our determination to overcome them. Together, we will face this challenge head-on and emerge victorious.

Stay vigilant, stay united, and stay safe.

Nest Clearing Mission tonight 7pm est.

Nests have been spotted in city limits!

A total of x4 nest located by the Weazel News Station and UWU Cafe.

Another nest has been spotted by the Jewelry Store.

As of now, these nests have added to the increased numbers of Elite and Elemental Zeads with in the city limits. To add to this mess, Mirror Park has been overrun with a number of nests. Our top priority should be taking out theses nests.

Appreciate your continued service and support survivors!

This server absolutely has me hooked. You wouldn’t know it was GTA5RP from playing it. It is the most unique server I have seen and if you have ever wanted to experience what it is like to be in the Walking Dead, this is it. The zombies are terrifying and many of them have unique traits. We literally don’t have to pay a thing to play in this server, but why shouldn’t I donate to the upkeep of this place if I love it and want to make it my home? Especially when it is so affordable. The devs and admin definitely place their player experience above all else. I purchased all three tiers because, I have spent way more in other servers that weren’t nearly as deserving. Falling through the map? It happens from time to time, but I have never personally encountered it in the first week and a half of being here. I have been in more expensive servers where it was a daily thing. Headpops are also less frequent. The residents here are nice overall! Welcoming, willing to help. You send out a radio message asking for help to get stuff back, and they get you to where you need to go. Want to know if the streets of Los Santos are the same? RP to find out :rofl:. But this is a unique experience and I am finding it hard not to fly in and grind to find things to help build our base or cars. Please give this server a chance. If you need help, the longer-term residents are often willing to help. Many crews are looking to expand and there are several to choose from. Fly-in and bring your friends! Send a radio transmission to them and tell them you need them! That’s what I did anyways.

When I opened my ticket to receive perks, I received nothing but prompt service and an urgency to get it completed. I got everything delivered to me quickly. I wasn’t sure if I had the storage capacity at first, but they were willing to work with me if I didn’t. To be honest, I’d give money to this server without the perks. It’s just THAT good. The extra supplies will just save me a little grinding, but will also be helpful in the event I need to help out someone new or someone in need of assistance. Will still have to grind many more things in order to reach the goals of what myself and my crew will need. This server is addicting. Do not join this server unless you want to make new friends, RP, survive the apocalypse, fight zombies, drive all crazy in apocalyptic vehicles, have a unique experience unlike any other server, save money, attend the fun events they put on, and try to fight your way through hordes of zombies. It is a challenge at first, but don’t let that discourage you. The residents and admin are here to help and have no problems in showing you around. Think you have what it takes to survive the apocalypse? Come RP to find out!

no lie a pretty good server i have made donations in there friendly community lol i got banned still prayin my appeal is answerd would love to return