Your server artifacts might be outdated. Try updating to the latest artifacts, as I dont really see how this script could cause that to happen.

This occurrence is so weird. So, updating to the latest recommended artifact build it seemed to help minimize that odd bug but it still occurs after a couple minutes of excessive use. Further testing also revealed that the peds became visible again after a while. Not sure if it’s because it’s a localized bug or just needed those affected peds to be unloaded or maybe just time? Anyways, if it at least normalizes after a short period I can deal.

That’s really odd! It might just be a FiveM issue with distance scaling or something. If anyone else has had this bug happen please DM me or post it here. Thanks

Hey guys, I posted a small update to fix some keybind issues that people were experiencing. It also has the side effect of making the script much easier on CPU usage.

Is there a way you can have it so that if you die when taking control of a ped that you revert to your original skin?


Yeah I can make that happen. I will push the update when i am home

I pushed an update adding many config values, including the option to revert to your original ped

Thank you! You spoil us :smiley:

No problem! :wink:

Hey guys. Released an update which should fix many issues.

Next update will contain an option to control PLAYERS!!! Stay tuned…!

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Now supports player peds (For trolling, of course)

I only tested with two FiveM instances, so the player ped switching is bound to have bugs. Please open issues in the Github repository and I will respond as fast as I can.