Sunset RolePlay

:sunny: :sunny::sunny::sunny::sunny::sunny::sunny::sunny:

Are you looking for a new please to call home?

Fly into sunset city and try us out.

We are an up and coming Fivem Serious RP server, that is QB-Core based. With over 500 cars, custom jobs,

vehicle sounds, clothing and much much more, youd be crazy not stop by.

We are currently public so get in before its too late.

:blue_car: Automated car dealer system, making it less of a hassle to purchase the vehicle of your choice.

:iphone:A very well organized and detailed discord server with around the clock support

:hammer_and_wrench: Custom mechanic shops as well as a whitelisted mechanic job, where you can take a vehicle to be modified.

Fun jobs to do to make some :euro: :euro: :euro:

-Open up a hotdog stand

-Scrap cars for materials

-Become a whitelisted mechanic

-News reporter job

-Drive bus and get paid

-Drive trucks and taxis for a good wage

-Collect trash or even tow cars

-Store robberies, jewelry heist and much much more

The Sunset RP community hopes to see you there​:sun_with_face: :sun_with_face: