Suggestion to Admins

hey guys

Im suggesting that you guys get more help on these forums.
Yes only a few mods and 2 devs helping all these people wont give people that not too tech savy help.
Some people ask for step by step YEs step by step not everyone knows what they are doing, witch is fine but instead of giving an answer and say “look around or or whatever” get more people as mods that know what they are doing so they can acuualy do step by step. Not everyone know how to mod and stuff and you guy will need to be patient with the guys that dont. The only way the grow a good community is by helping people and i have not seen much on these forums except from users helping users. In my oppinion thats awesome but then promote more mods who know what they are doing this way we can give people the proper help that they need.

I am a game developer myself and scripter and i am here to help if anyone needs it


Most of the things are already explained step by step. Which makes it not worth our time to do it again.

i get that but its like asking someone to fix their car and they have no clue what they are doing some of us do have the time to explain. Personally i would say here i took ur engine apart so u can look it up and put it back together u know ? thats all im saying

i wasnt suggesting you guys doing all the work however some of us do have the patience to explain more in depth u know

@kanersps you are so “STIFF” Kane, when was the last time you gave me a step by step instructions. Lol.

i understand that the devs are busy but some of us have the same knowledge and instead of disregarding the topic and locking in get it going cuz we can help each other you know ?

Simple, most people figure stuff out theirself just by googling or actually reading the error… We aren’t only 24/7 and nobody can expect us to.

If you need help, post your topic and we will reply to it. Maybe not within minutes, maybe not within hours but we will help you.

yepp is seen you guys do that thats awesome but for some its like “here is a spark plug i took your engine apart put it back togeter” you know ? thats all im saying i know u guys help but as far as step by step …it hasnt been happenin

all im saying is there wouldnt be so many questions again and again if someone properly responds to one…if they dont know dont lock it lets see if we can figure it out

Not really… we offer ALOT of support over PMs, and discord. Nothing gets locked for nothing. Also, we do not condone piracy on the forums.

well of course piracy is off limits id do the same however…i think in some cases some need more help then others…you know? getting annoyed with the subject is un needed…i have seen it done. I have scripted and have had clans myself and that is a sure way to drive someone away.
Regardless i know you guys work hard and i do appreciate that but i do offer my services to anyone that need help like step by step stuff. I noticed lots do

Good, keep up the good work! :thumbsup_tone1:

ok thank you thats all im saying :slight_smile: with that said anyone who needs help just pm me and yes @Boss you can lock this now just wanted to let ppl know that if they need step by step i can do that:)

Thank you