Suggestion: Server profile

Adding server profiles options allowing players to save/apply presets for either Name or Settings for different server.

Similar to how Discord allows you to have different nickname on different servers.

I know me and other players who have to change our name a lot between RP and Freeroam servers to suit their different policies.

Heh, are you referring to your steamname? don’t most RP servers have their own character creation which allows u to setup your character using a different name etc?

I think you’re talking vMenu where you can create different characters and save them locally.

What I’m referring to is the Player name in FiveM client settings - see attached
Screenshot 2023-03-19 024512

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Ah i see, i’m not really used to vmenu servers, i was refferring to ox, ex, qb etc.

Here’s a good example on how Discord implements this feature