[SUGGESTION]: Player levels based on activity (Server-Side)

Greetings, fellow 5R gamers.

I’m with this idea in my head for about a week now. I’m thinking of the idea to implement player levels into FiveReborn.
A player’s level should be aquired by the activity on a particular server. So a server-side (maybe MySQL???) thing that keeps track of a player’s online time on that server.

To keep it simple, and imaginable, let’s keep the GTA Online player levels in mind. Say level 1 is if you just joined the server, and level 1000 is max. Server owners should be able to configure a player’s level, so they can set themselves and their members of staff to any level of their liking, so like a 1000, or maybe 500, depending on their will. For example if their server is pretty new, they can set their level to about 250 or something, to let it look realistic. But so to say. For the first 30 minutes if a player is online, they will advance from level 1 to level 2, untill level 10 it will take 30 minutes online time to advance one level. Then from level 11 - 50 it would take 60 minutes to advance one. Maybe from 51 - 100 it would take 90 minutes etc. Also that could be configurable per server. (No must though, but could be a nice idea also.)

It can be a really easy way for server staff and other players to see how loyal that player is to that server. So basically also a way for staff to see if a player might be eligable for a staffmember, if their level is pretty high. I think it would be a very nice addition to FiveReborn and it’s gameplay.

Please, let me know what you think about this idea, as I love to share my ideas with the community. And I love to have as many feedback on my ideas as I can get. :slight_smile:

Take it easy, let your mind go freely.
~ Sirion

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Not something that something for the developers to do. It’s more of a custom script. Also loyal is not the same as a good admin.

@Kng That’s true. But mostly I only apply people for staff that are actually active on the server. Indeed a kid with a level 500 can be a terrible admin, but at least you see that he/she is an active member of the server’s community.

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Nice idea,i think thath need some improvement:
add special levels for admin servers or moderator,or for example limit level grow up for normal players to some value.