Stuck on loading

GTA V version:
Up to date: Yes
Legit or Pirate copy: Everything legal
Steam/CD: CD
Error screenshot:
GTA V folder screenshot:
FiveReborn client folder screenshot:
.dmp files.: —
Also add what you already tried so far.:
I tried every opinion on this thread
and there are 2 common errors.
This one on the top and the other “error” is that I am stuck on the Launching Please Wait screen from Social Club
I hope you can help

Did you try to run it in administrator?

" Open of log file failed " while you already have 2 is weird imo.

Yes i allways run fivereborn as an admin

Delete CitizinFX.log from your folder.

I deleted the File and if I run the fivereborn.exe it creates a new file and also stucks on loading