Strong server failed by it's leadership

When hazo was active and steering the ship, I enjoyed months of great RP and activity. Unfortunately he had to take time away, and the remaining leadership began changing and ignoring rules to suit their friends and their personal RP goals. This is no longer a serious RP server, and when not being attacked randomly you will have to try to keep immeresed while interacting with:

The entire cast of the Yellowstone TV show
Barak Obama
Ric Flair
Morgan Freeman
Billy Butcher
John Wick
Lucifer Morningstar
Bruck Wayne
And many other carbon-copy characters

Also be prepared to see headless people running around after their friends rez’ed them. It’s a shame that something built so well devolved into a place were basic rules and standards or RP and racial slurs are just ignored. It’s just not the home for serious RP anymore.


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