Streaming .rpf file on server

Guys is it possible to stream " .rpf " file in server. I have some vehicle add-ons that
contains only rpf file. Or can I extract the rpf file and then add to the stream folder,
will it work?

You should extract the files.

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@Boss Hello Boss,
I tried that method and when I started the server at the end it says
" could not find auto-started resource mods ". Then I thought I should try to download replaceable vehicle instead of add-on one and then see if it works but it also didn’t worked and says the same think
" could not find auto-started resource mods ".
I have added the the file name in “citmp-server.yml” in the AutoStartResources list
" - mods " and the file is in the exact location,
Five Reborn Client\Server\resources\mods\stream\fbi2
and also I have created the " __resource.lua " file in stream.