Streaming handling.meta

Is there a limit on the size of the handling.meta you can stream to the client?

Runs fine when I use it for 10~ custom vehicles, but even streaming the default GTA handling.meta causes an error

Don’t stream the default handling.meta… only for addons or changes that you would like to stream that are specifically in your stream folder.

Reason I’m asking is because one servers handling mod they ask users to add is causing a huge unfair advantage on our server and we need to force users to use default handling.

Do you have ScriptHookDotNet enabled? That would be the only way, otherwise the client forces server side to begin with.

Sounds like he referring to the handling file SoE requires. It works without client scripthook being on. ( FiveM blocks scripthookdotnet anyway)

uhh what? is “DisableScriptHook: false”… that would allow the whole client side meta’s to be used. Unless the server side specifies a unique meta they run, client side is forced to default. Unless this is some script I have never heard of but I even have the SoE files and with my scripthook off on my server, I am required to go by what the server says.

Scripthookdotnet is different than scripthook. SoE doesn’t allow client side scripthook, yet the handling still works. Go on SoE and try to open a trainer, no go.

The handling there works because they have the same one they force you into downloading to be “streamed” from the server side. You are basically stating that with my script hook disabled… you can come into my server with a handling meta file weighing 50k lb. and just smash through whoever you want?

It’s not streamed server side. It’s placed in the FiveM client. My server has scripthook disabled and the handling takes precedence over stock. For example I was watching Timmac on twitch the other night, he left SoE and played on revolution RP. The handling from SoE was being used on floppys server, and he has client side off. What RP server would have it on?

This is exactly what Im talking about, players are coming here with SOE handling which has been manually put in, but when trying to stream a large enough handling file which would overwrite the SOE handling, it crashes out …