Stream custom clothes but Free

I just want to try some stuff on my server and stream clothes but I have to pay money. When will this feature be free?

" This is not going to be a Patron restricted feature forever, it is currently in testing by Club Members (Patrons) and will be publicly available when The CitizenFX Collective are satisfied with the results."

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This isn’t going to be free, however, if you’re slot count is less than 8 this is enabled for free.


This is not anything we said at all, you’re quoting a post by a community member who probably was assuming something.

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ah ok thank you! : )

What do you mean “slot count” what is that

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All I can say is :man_facepalming:



And when will developers be given the opportunity to try out what they make without buying a Patreon License?

Because at the present stage in the contribution program of FiveM you do not accept either Developer or Designer applications…

Please advise us …

for cloths? as long as you are using 8 slots, you can test all you want.


You are the best!

Ty mate!

OMG. Thanks for the info, that’s extremely useful for developers whose server is still in the early development phase.

so if I have a test server and have only 8 slots, I dont need the Patreon Key?

where do i go to get it?

the limit has been raised to 10 slots