Stream Clothes

Hello All,
I am very new to this its my first server. I joined the patreon. I have been trying to stream clothes for the past 5 days, no luck. I did manage to get a few shoes in. When I add lower items the other clothes glitch out. I have tried many different lower items and same thing. I have yet to see an upper item I have added alot and they never seem to show. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas what I am doing wrong, I am using GTAUtil and following all the steps i read in this forum and a few videos i have watched. I am at the end I need HELP! if this is not the right place for this sorry. Like i said still new to all this. TIA


Well I got it to work my dumbA** was putting the jackets in the upper folder not the Jbib :man_facepalming:t4:. Thank you