Stop Combatrolling (0 - 0.01 resmon )

Hello guys ive seen many struggling with blocking the combatroll and ive got the best performed way for you to block it.

Simply add this code in any client.lua

  while true do 
    local wait_time = 1000 
    if IsPedArmed(PlayerPedId(), 4 or 2) and IsPlayerFreeAiming(PlayerId())  then 
      wait_time = 0 
      DisableControlAction(0, 22, true)


When armed:


Thanks to @DirkScriptz for helping out <3

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there is a problem in your snippet if i am armed i cant jump, you should check if player is armed and then check if player is aiming then block the key not when player is armed

Youre absolutely right change the or request to and

if IsPedArmed(PlayerPedId(), 4 or 2) and IsControlJustPressed(0, 25) then

probly fixed

Code was already beeing fixed

tbh u should remove the flag that allow rolling while holding the weapon in weapons.meta ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Not everyone has access to all metas or knows how to change it. If you know how let us know!

How i can make to have only 1,5 seconds delay to the combatroll because now is over 8 seconds and i try to fix this.

You can still combat roll by clicking left mouse and space quicky. You don’t need to be aiming down to actually combat roll.

Set sleep value to 0

Change the wait

I can still do the roll