Stop automatic script reload/refresh

I have a big problem. My dev said goodbye and left a lot of construction sites.

There must be a script on the server that refreshes normal scripts every few seconds.

Anyway, it pings every few seconds when standing in a circle or in a menu. The big problem with this is that it bugs our garage.

Does anyone know the script or what I can look for? I didn’t find anything with reload or refresh in the name :frowning:

This all depends on what framework you use etc. You are going to be looking for a show function, if you will, and I can imagine your dev has made the mistake of putting it in a while loop. So, maybe look for while loops in the client file aswell. There may well be something along these lines in your client files:

while true do

So, my recommendation is to find what resource it is (what is the script doing, then think of what your dev could have called this script), go into the client file and see if there are any while loops that are sending out notifications when you stand in a circle.

Of course, it won’t be as simple as it seems, especially if you don’t have any experience in development, but you can try your best :smile:

If you can’t find the loop yourself, start shutting down resources that he’s touched until the issue disappears.

Keep in mind that there are some resources which can’t be shutdown without breaking the server, like your framework resources.