Stolen Scripts


my scripts were destroyed!

I got the message I have stolen scripts.

How to fix this?

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You downloaded and used scripts which arent meant to be used by you.

How to prevent that?

Read the code before using them.

How to fix that?

Read the code to see what said ressource did.


… no, don’t victim-blame people who downloaded and installed backdoored scripts, perhaps even resold by someone, somewhere.

‘How to fix this?’ - not, this common backdoored set of resources actually overwrites files, so unless you’ve got a backup you’re stuck now.

Sadly, nobody ever managed to find out where they got this backdoored content.


Dies stellt auch ein zugriff auf mein Server seitens Fivem da und könnte als Sabotage strafbar sein! Es gibt keine Berechtigung an Fivem meine Daten innerhalb meines Root Servers zu zerstören! Sollte ein Diebstahl von Scripten auf meinem Server sein muss dies auf Rechtlichem Wege geklärt werden!

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English only on the forums please.

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Yea how about securing your own server by writing your own code or checking the code youre using beforehand?

Good luck explaining a german judge how a random script from somebody you dont know destoyed the scripts on the server you are obligated to protect by the TOS of your hosting provider.

Take my advise from my post which i made previously and follow it.
Ill guarantee you know when theres a drop database or rm * anywhere when writing your own stuff.

Or you could simply use random ressources you find on the internet and hope for the best.

Edit: I also advise you to perform atleast daily backups of db / scripts, use GitHub or any other version managing solution.

In the future stick to scripts from trused sources

And anyone else that has scripts on the fivem forums
And avoid using leaked assets

Avoid leaked scripts mate

Unfortunately all I can say is to never ever used leaked scripts, you never know what malicious code they could be hiding.