Still no RedM Modding Tool?

So R* bought this all months and months back now, surely talks were in the works for quite a while before that. However at least from the consumer perspective the actual releases and changes have been so miniscule (especially for redm) that you wouldn’t think R* was at all involved.

I guess my main question here is this: where’s the modding tools?

Why is everything still so heavily encrypted that scripts can only scrape at the surface. Why is everything so closed off still? Does R* actually want us to have this access or do they simply want to use this acquisition to produce a very curated version of RP for GTA 6? I fear it is the latter and I hope that it is not the case.

I’m a bit disheartened is all, I had a lot of hopes for the acquisition to lead to big leaps and bounds, but it has been months, months which shows little progress toward making it easier to modify RDR2 to better fit our roleplay experiences.

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