Steam updated and now my controller no longer works

After a recent Steam update on 10/16/2022 my wired Xbox One controller no longer works in Redm. While I was waiting for the server I was playing on to restart I noticed a prompt pop up saying Steam needed a update. Which is how Steam has always notified me about a update. I have never had a issue for the past 3 years. Well after downloading the update I got back onto the server and my controller no longer worked. I have tried everything I can think of and looked everywhere for help. My controller works perfectly fine on Steam and on the actual Red Dead Online version of the game. Yet when I try to play Redm it just does not work. Please I could really use some help figuring this out.

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I got it to work somewhat, I just decided to plug in another xbox controller into another usb port at the same time and it made the other one start working. However now each time I tab out of Redm and tab back in the controller does not respond and I need to restart the game.

So after fully reinstalling the game I was able to finally get my controller to work after tabbing in and out. However that stopped working after a few hours and I tried to do a few other fixes that I thought would work but none did. I now realize in order to make my controller work I will need to reinstall redm every single time this happens every few hours. This issue does not happen on any other game I play including fivem so if at all possible could the developers find whatever works on fivem and put it on redm or find whatever is breaking controllers and fix it.