Steam Link Five M ( Steam must be running )

I have five m problem it is not linked to steam,
i have this message : Steam must be running to play in this server
How can I fix this problem?
So, I play with my ip, and this creates problems that disappears money etc
Thanks and sorry for my bad English (i’m french)

Unfortunately, there is no way around it. If you wish to play on Steam enabled servers, you must have a steam version of GTA V. Not all servs have this enabled, keep trying, you’ll find some that don’t require steam. good luck

Edit: I was wrong…oops see below

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That is false. You can play fine with a retail/disc copy of V, you just have to have Steam running in the background - nothing else, except perhaps having Source SDK Base 2007 installed.

Also, there’s no ‘permanent linking’ of accounts on FiveM at all.

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Thanks for your answers, indeed, I can play on servers that do not request steam binding, but on the servers or I can connect I have a lot of trouble on the long terms like loss of money and loss of Skins, it’s super shit, I also do not have the ability to put a name rp given that the games is based on my pc name,
If there is a solution, I am taker, I have tried many times of launched steam and five m aprés, and vice versa, I installed SDK source 2007 also but nothing does
Thank you for answering me, waiting for a solution

up ?
I’m in the night

My apologies, I did not know that

You should be able to change your name in the fivem settings

i have steam running and my gta copy is on there, and I’m still getting the not linked error, it says its linked to my box account instead, how d i fix

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