Steal Stop Signs [qTarget] [Update]

I got bored, so I decided to make this simple stopsign resource. This should sync across all clients, and should also work with Onesync and Onesync Infinity.

It’s probably not the best way to do it, but I didn’t use a lot of time making this, as it was just a resource I made for fun. Maybe I’ll add more features later. Feel free to make a pull request on my github if there is any features you’d like to add or anything that could’ve been done better.

Github / Download


Changed animation and prop coords, thanks to @TayMcKenzieNZ


It’s easy to convert it to standalone if you’d like to.
mythic_notify (could easily be replaced or removed)


Not alot, just playing an anim while holding the sign, with the sign in your hand. Doesn’t do much else


Looks funny, I’m gonna download it for my private server :+1:t2:

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The stop sign disappearing syncs for all clients too? How’d you pull that off.

Hilarious script, second only to $5 chair script

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Yeah it should do. The script basically attatches the closest stop sign to the player, as well as creating a new stop sign on top. Then when you ‘drop’ the stop sign the first time the original stop sign just gets teleported to a invinsible location, so basically only the created one is left.

I’m fairly certain the pole wont be deleted for other people, not that it matters, they’ll still see the one in your hand. :crossed_fingers:

Hmm, it did do it for others when I checked. But could be wrong

wtf :rofl:

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The animation for holding the stop sign looks a bit odd. You could use this one:

Animation: rcmnigel1d, base_club_shoulder

Prop: prop_sign_road_01a

Prop Bone = 60309

Prop Placement = -0.1390, -0.9870, 0.4300, -67.3315314, 145.0627869, -4.4318885}

Could also add these other signs, same bone same placement

Looks cool, just used the janitor emote, but will change right now. Thank you!


is it also possible to write that for bt-target?

Should just need to change “qtarget” to “bt-target” in the client file.

I’ve already tried but it didn’t work

I’m not using bt-target, so I don’t know

hm that’s a shame because unfortunately i can’t let target and bt-target woll run together unless the man could put qtarget on the other alt key

Client.lua bt-target

local stopsigns = {
exports['bt-target']:AddTargetModel(stopsigns, {
	options = {
			event = "0pax:stealStopsign",
			icon = "fas fa-sign",
			label = "Steal Stopsign"
            job = {"all"},
            distance = 2 

AddEventHandler('0pax:stealStopsign', function()
    local playerPed = PlayerPedId()
    local playerCoords = GetEntityCoords(playerPed)
    local playerHeading = GetEntityHeading(playerPed)
    local closestObj = GetClosestObjectOfType(playerCoords, 2.0, `prop_sign_road_01a`, true)

    if DoesEntityExist(closestObj) then
        if(IsPedArmed(playerPed, 1|2|4)) then SetCurrentPedWeapon(playerPed, `WEAPON_UNARMED`, 1) end

        local dict = "rcmnigel1d"
        TaskPlayAnim(playerPed, dict, "base_club_shoulder", 5.0, -1, -1, 50, 0, false, false, false)

        stopsign = CreateObject(`prop_sign_road_01a`, playerCoords.x, playerCoords.y, playerCoords.z, true, false, false)
        AttachEntityToEntity(stopsign, playerPed,GetPedBoneIndex(playerPed, 60309),-0.1390, -0.4870, 0.2200, -67.3315314, 145.0627869, -4.4318885,1,1,0,1,0,1)
        if DoesEntityExist(stopsign) then
            SetEntityCoords(closestObj, -100.0, -100.0, -100.0)

        exports['mythic_notify']:SendAlert('inform', 'Drop the stop sign with G')

RegisterCommand('dropStopsign', function(source)
    local playerPed = PlayerPedId()

    if IsEntityAttachedToEntity(stopsign, playerPed) then
        DetachEntity(stopsign, false, false)

RegisterKeyMapping('dropStopsign', 'Drop the stop sign youre holding', 'keyboard', 'g')

function LoadAnimDict(dict)
    while not HasAnimDictLoaded(dict) do

And for fxmanifest.lua

fx_version 'cerulean'
game 'gta5'

author '0pax'
description 'Steal Stop Signs'
version '1.0.1'

client_script 'client/main.lua'

dependencies {
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